Solar Eclipse 2024 Kids Printable Activity Pack!

It’s the morning of the solar eclipse, and I just had to whip something up real fast – I hope your kids enjoy this printable solar eclipse activity pack as much as mine will!

It’s fairly straightforward, but I thought I’d share in case anyone else is scrambling to find something fun or meaningful to do with their kids/class during this rare event – the next one isn’t until 2044!

The download for this packet is at the bottom of the article!


Solar Eclipse Kids Handprint Craft

Print out the template and simply paint your kiddo’s hand grey and have them stamp the eclipse! You could also paste in a picture of your kids after the event is said and done and put it somewhere. I’ll take a pic of mine when I do it (it’s literally 2 hours before the event right now)

total solar eclipse kids handprint activity

Solar Eclipse Coloring Pages for Kids

No major event would be complete without some cute coloring pages =P. I included both boy and girl options, as well as a cute cat and dog – all wearing some eclipse sunglasses!

solar eclipse coloring page
solar eclipse coloring page
solar eclipse coloring page
solar eclipse coloring page

Download Your Kids Solar Eclipse Activity Pack Now!

The last eclipse, 2017, I was a new mom (my youngest was only a month!), I had not started this website yet, and had no idea what was in store for me. I would later start this in December of 2017, and now, in 2024, I have THREE kids, all 6+! I still don’t feel like so much time has passed!

Anyways, beyond all the commercialization and events and superstitions, I hope you remember today – it truly is a rare event!!

Download the solar eclipse activity pack

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