Earth Day BINGO Printable (20 Cards + Pretty, Extra Large Calling Cards!)

Today I’m thrilled to introduce a fresh twist on a classic game, perfect for Earth Day: Earth Day Bingo. This game strikes the ideal balance between fun and educational content, highlighting eco-consciousness in an engaging way. It invites players to match symbols and words related to our planet’s conservation, tapping into the collective spirit of environmental stewardship.

This game isn’t only another activity; it’s a gateway to discussions about Earth conservation. Earth Day Bingo gets families talking, laughing, and learning. It brings attention to sustainable practices and sparks curiosity in little ones who’ll inherit this planet.

Combining entertainment with awareness makes Earth Day Bingo a smart pick for parents and educators eager to foster eco-friendly habits. So grab your BINGO cards, ready your dabbers, and prepare for a fun, easy to prep game!


What You Get with Earth Day Bingo

I made sure these Earth Day Bingo cards are just what you need for a perfect classroom activity. You’ll get 20 unique BINGO cards, all in black and white for a reason – kids adore coloring! The cards are designed so they can add their personal touch before jumping into the game.

And let’s talk about the calling cards. The calling cards come in pre colored because I’ve taken the time to color them in for you. That’s right, scanned them myself after coloring! You won’t need to lift a pencil – just print these beauties out. Think bright, engaging colors that pop, making every call out an eye-catching experience. Plus, it saves you a ton of prep time so you can focus on the fun part.

Grab your Earth Day BINGO set, hand out the cards, and watch as creativity flows- and after the coloring’s done, stay tuned for the active play and learning that comes next!

earth day bingo

Preparation and Materials

Let’s get ready for a game of Earth Day Bingo! First up, grab the set of 20 Bingo cards. These come in a ready-to-color format, appealing to the artistic side of your little eco-warriors.

While the kids busy themselves with coloring, take a moment to print the enlarged calling cards. I’ve done the legwork for you, coloring and scanning each one to save you some time. =P

Quick tip: laminate the calling cards to make them last for many games to come. They look great, they’re eco-friendly, and they’re sure to be a hit. There you have it, your Earth Day Bingo is prepped and ready for action. Ready, set, play!

How to Play Earth Day Bingo

  1. Gather Your Players Decide how many are joining in for Earth Day Bingo. Hand out a Bingo card to each player and give everyone something to mark their spots (a marker is fine!)
  2. Decorate the Cards Make sure each participant has one of the black and white each Bingo cards. Encourage them to color in the different Earth-themed images before the game begins for an added splash of creativity!
  3. Explain the Rules Let everyone know to mark off the spots that match what was called out. Different patterns can win- straight line, diagonal, four corners, or even a full card for “Blackout!”
  4. Draw and Announce– Put all the calling cards in a bag and pull them out one by one. To the winner goes the crown!

Other Uses for the Calling Cards

Don’t let the fun stop after the final “BINGO!” is called. Your set of Earth Day Bingo calling cards offers more than one avenue for play and learning. Transform these colorful squares into a tool for a classic memory game. Just lay out all the cards face down and find matching pairs. Memory games like this sharpen cognitive skills, and doing it with this Earth-centric theme keeps the Earth Day conversation alive.

We can also get the cards in on some matching game action. Deal out a couple of cards to each player and place the rest in a pile. Players take turns drawing from the pile to find a match. .

And, if you’re feeling extra creative, consider adapting these cards into a storytelling prompt. Have kids draw a card and spin a tale about how the depicted item or action helps our planet. It’s a playful way to deepen their understanding of conservation and their role in protecting the Earth’s future.

earth day bingo calling cards

Get Your Earth Day Bingo Packet

To purchase the entire packet (20 versions + pre colored enlarged calling cards) then head to my Etsy shop! =D

Purchase 20 Card Earth Day BINGO Pack

earth day bingo cards printable packet on etsy

Additional Earth Day Printables

I’m thrilled to share more than just Earth Day BINGO! Here are some other fun Earth day activities to do with the kids. Also, I don’t want to leave you empty handed, so here’s a link to a PDF with a few of the color in BINGO cards in case you only need a couple for your own kids.

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