Fun Easter Peeps Nature Shelter Activity for Kids + Printable

Have you wanted to include those popular “Peep” Easter marshmallows in your festives while also including nature? Then you’ll love this Nature Built Peep House kids activity!

While we do normally cave and find a special way to eat these guys, I wanted to create an activity that DIDN’T include eating them (even if they tasted good, holy cow does everyone have a sugar crash after!) So, I hope you’ll enjoy this quick and creative Easter themed nature activity… to build a house for one!

easter ideas for kids with peeps nature non religous

Get creative using the “My Peep Shelter” along side the activity!

There’s a TON of ways to make a shelter – depending on the age of the kids you will be doing this activity with, you’ll see everything from a simple lean to/tent/teepee to actual buildings!

I love making challenges if older kids are involved (see the bottom of the tutorial for some ideas!). For extra fun, I made a cute printable worksheet for kids to draw and write about their special Easter nature shelter!

Download and print the “My Peep Shelter” PDF before you get started!

Yield: 1

Easter Peep Nature House Activity for Kids

Easter Peep Nature House Activity for Kids

Skip the sugar crash while still enjoying those cute Easter Peeps with this fun nature activity - building a house for one from things found outdoors! Get the most out of this nature based Easter activity by using the printable "My Peep Shelter" activity sheet.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • Handful of Small Sticks (cut long ones down to size if small sticks are hard to find)
  • 1 Peep
  • Leaves and other cover/roof materials
  • Glue/Pipecleaners/Twine to hold it all together
  • "My Peep Shelter" PDF


  • Scissors
  • Optional - Hot glue gun


  1. Gather the materials needed for the Peep house - depending on the design (it doesn't have to be a teepee/tent!) different stick sizes may be needed nature easter craft for kids
  2. Using glue or other binding material, create the frame for the Peep house easy nature craft for kids easter using peep
  3. Add some cover to the Peep house using leaves, grass, and whatever else was found. nature craft for easter with kids using a peep candy
  4. For added fun, print out the "My Peep Shelter" PDF so your kids/students can write all about the special shelter they made for their Easter Peep! easter peep nature craft printable for kids


There are TONS of fun ways to modify this for older or younger kids

- For younger kids (under 4) pre cut the sticks and use some play doh to hold the sticks in place until an adult can help glue it all together

- For older kids - Create some fun challenges such as "Most shade created" "Most sturdy" "Most beautiful" "Most rain proof" etc

- Attach the project to a paper plate or bowl for easy transporting if done in a class setting

    Looking for more nature based Easter activities?

    We traditionally celebrate Easter while camping, so naturally I’ve had tons of fun finding ways to recreate the magic while outdoors! Here are some of the most popular ones to date!

    • Whip up these easy Easter egg bean bags for a fun basket toss game
    • Make a nest for a special egg shaped rock
    • Go on a glow in the dark egg hunt
    • Decorate an egg cut out with items from nature
    • Create a beautiful egg shaped window craft from nature
    craft idea for peeps easter in nature

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