DIY Cute and FUN Easter Egg Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids!

If you’re looking for ways to involve even the youngest toddlers in the Easter festivities, look no further than the Easter Egg Bean Bag Toss Game!

I don’t know about you, but these three years of waiting for my kiddo to get old enough to not get trampled by the stampede of kids during Easter egg hunts in town is getting kind of old… especially now that I have my twin toddler girls that I want to involve as well!

I’ve been trying to brainstorm fun Easter games that can sort of be modified depending on the age, but are still doable and fun for even young toddlers. My most recent example is the Easter Egg Bunny Roll game… which really ended up being more like “Feed the Easter Bunny! But all the kids had fun, from the 18 month olds to the 3 1/2 year old!

Anyways, after seeing how much fun they had with that, I wanted an even funner game that could really take a beating, because with three little kids, anything I make intended for use by them is bound to go through the ringer (you guys don’t even want to see my poor cardboard bunny now after 3 kiddos had a blast with it for awhile now!)

So here is how to make this fun Easter Egg Bean Bag Toss game for your kids!

easy and fun easter game for toddlers and preschoolers using easter bean bags

DIY Easter Egg Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids!

easy easter bean bag diy for kids easter games

This is a fun DIY Easter game that kids of all ages can enjoy! Just find some fun fabric, sew them into Easter Eggs, and let the kids try and land them into their Easter baskets!


  • "Eastery" Fabric (or fun scraps!) - I bought two different colored designs that are sold in those small square packages "Fat Quarters", or the 18"x21" at Walmart. This made 10 eggs easily, and I probably could have squeezed more out of it!
  • Beans - For filling up the eggs!


  • Sewing machine if you have it, or an old fashioned needle and thread!
  • Scissors


  1. Cut out a cardboard egg template that is roughly 3 1/2" inches wide x 5" inches tall
  2. Depending on the amount of eggs you like, trace two templates for each (front and back). I ended up making 10 eggs, so I traced a total of 20 fabric egg pieces. tracing easter egg templates for easter egg bean bag
  3. Cut out the eggs out - if your material is thin enough, you might be able to get away with cutting multiple ones at once! I did 6 at a time one time!
  4. Get the eggs ready to sew by putting the two "wrong sides", or backs, of the egg patterns on the outsides. You will turn it inside out once you're done, so you want the pretty pattern to show once you flip it out! Pin them in place with a safety pin.
  5. Sew around the edges, leaving a gap big enough to pour some beans into. I found it easiest to leave a hole that would accommodate a plastic water bottle top since I later cut the top off and used that as a funnel. how to easily fill up easter egg bean bag diy
  6. Fill the eggs with beans, making sure not to overfill. You still have to sew these guys up!
  7. Sew the gap closed either by hand or machine. Ideally, get a thread that matches. (I somehow had no white thread, and this mama has no time for hand stitching... so machine stitch blue it is!)
  8. Get the Easter basket or any containers really, and make a fun game for the kids by letting them toss (or just play with!) the eggs into it from different distances!

There are more ways than one to use these fun Easter Egg Bean Bags!

Once again, my thought for how the kids would use these was so much different than what happened – they actually played with them in WAY more ways than I thought possible!

I introduced the game to my oldest as a tossing game, which he loved, but then it moved onto pouring, stacking, and even making a home (the last half of today was helping him take care of his bean bags by making a house, getting a blankie etc… =P )

easy diy easter games for kids easter toss

My twin 19 month olds had a blast just transferring them from one thing to the other – cups, baskets, wagons… as long as they weren’t having wrestling matches over them!

It’s kind of crazy to see all the stuff they can come up with without any direction…

Another fun way to use these Easter bean bags for older kids is to play a game of tic tac toe! They just feel so festive and fun to hold, and it’s a great game you can bring to the Easter party and do once everyone gets bored of tossing!

Let me know if you have something fun that your kids did with them!!

easter egg bean bag tic tac toe games for kids

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