9 Ideas to Have an AWESOME Easter Camping Outdoors With Kids

If you prefer getting away during Easter to avoid the mad stampede of kids during the Easter egg hunt (no joke, it’s shoulder to shoulder here!) then check out some fun ways to celebrate Easter while camping!

We recently went camping for Easter, and even though I was a little unsure at first (it was our twins first Easter they could walk!) I think all the kids had WAY more fun than the typical plastic egg hunt!

Our favorite thing was dying our rocks (just like eggs!) because they got to KEEP those special colored rocks and use them over and over again!

easter camping outdoors with kids

Dye some rocks – just like Easter Eggs!

There is a little prep to do this, but the kids can help with it! Have each kiddo find a couple of palm sized rocks and clean them off.

Get some white paint so that your color shows up on the rock once you dye it – we just did one coat (and it was not 100% since the kids did it… doesn’t have to be perfect!)

Select your dye method of choice for your Easter rocks. We tried a couple to find the best (spinner, rice, dabber) and in the end felt like the spinner and rice were most fun!

Let them dry and tell the kids that the Easter bunny will hide them when he comes to see how good they are at finding things!

We REALLY loved this Easter egg spinner to “dye” our rocks!

how to dye rocks like eggs for kids easter outside
A small assortment of my toddlers dyed Easter rocks!

Play bunny ring toss!

We had a simple ring toss game with a blow up bunny (I think we may have gotten that at the Dollar Tree!) as well as some fun bunny themed wearable items.

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I couldn’t find this exact bunny (check the Dollar Tree as I mentioned!) but I did find these really cute Easter ring toss bunny ears that can be worn or just set on the ground!

Play a special Easter themed version of Kerplunk!

If you’ve ever seen the giant versions of kerplunk that use ball pit balls, imagine them with plastic eggs!

easter kerplunk

Create an EGGcelent egg catch game!

Have you ever heard of the kendama game where you have to throw the attached ball into the air and try and catch it on the stick? Well, make your own Easter themed one with this tutorial!

I love that it makes use of plastic Easter eggs and that it’s something that will be able to be used atleast a couple of times!

Make a nest for the Easter eggs out of play doh and nature items found outside!

Play doh is an absolute MUST when we go camping! It’s a fun material to use with sticks to build things with or as a bonding material for other fun creations!

Challenge your kiddos to create a nest from playdoh and line it with things found from around camp. Check out my post on play doh nature creations here for some ideas!

Easter themed bean bag toss!

Bean bag games are super versatile and last a long time, so and Easter themed toss is perfect for a camping Easter!

I just made my own egg-shaped bean bags and used an easter basket to toss them into and the kids had a blast with it!

If you don’t feel like making your own bean bags, however, here are some cute carrot bean bags with a heavy duty tarp to toss them into!

This is the one you can buy from Amazon for a pretty decent price (And the reviews said that it was very sturdy and held up to wind!)

Whip up some Easter egg fruit juice pops to cool off during the day!

I absolutely love this idea to make some fun Easter egg pops! Get your kids faovrite fruit juice and pour it into the egg (there are special eggs to buy if you’re concerned about freezing the plastic) and freeze to enjoy later!

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The full tutorial is here!

Have a glow in the dark egg hunt at the end of the night!

Everyone knows one of the funnest parts of camping is the campfire at the end of the night! Make it even more special and host a glow in the dark egg hunt for the kiddos!

Here’s how to make your own glow in the dark plastic Easter eggs!

Here are the glow in the dark eggs you can get from Amazon to light up the night along with the campfire!

And lastly… make s’mores with Peeps!

As if your kids didn’t already look forward to s’mores, make it extra special for Easter by using PEEPS instead of normal marshmallows!

You cook it all the same, just this time the kids get to pick their own pretty, bright peep to use in their s’more!

The variety pack of Peeps is always way more fun because of the larger selection of colors!

Other fun Easter and outdoor activities for kids!

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