7 Spooky Camping Themed Pumpkin Carving Templates [Free PDF Printables]!

If you love camping (and are kind of bummed Halloween is coming already!) then you’ll LOVE these camping themed pumpkin carving templates!

Tents, trailers, bears, ghosts, s’mores… and almost all of them have a spooky Halloween touch! I have tried to make sure they are not tooo scary – I have kids, after all, and am not trying to be up all night with them if they get scared – but I think you’ll love them!

Whether you’re adding a spooky camping touch to your home, or decorating your campsite (low key jealous if it’s warm enough to still camp where you are) these pumpkins will be awesome!

Here we go!

These will be FREE for a limited time only – as it gets closer to Halloween, they will cost money. So scroll on down to the bottom to get it while it’s free!


Black Cat on a trailer pumpkin template

For all my fellow cat people, you’ll love this template!

pumpkin carving template camping themed cat on trailer
camper trailre halloween carving template
The kitty on a camper in real life!

Ghost coming from a camp chair!

Talk about “ghost” stories sitting around the campfire (that was so cheesy, sorry!)

ghost in camp chair pumpkin carving template

Ghosts coming out of a tent!

Maybe you saw something moving in the corner of the tent after all!

ghostly tent pumpkin template
tent camping themed pumpkin carving template
The ghosties in real life!

RV headed up the mountains

It might not seem spooky at first but… have you ever had to go up a mountain at 7 MPH because your transmission keeps overheating and you’re scared you’ll blow it? It’s pretty darn scary (and actually, ours did blow when we were getting into the Bighorns in Wyoming!)

camping themed pumpkin carving with rv
rv themed pumpkin carving halloween
The RV carving in real life!

A big ol bear with a bat!

Bears scare me even if it’s not Halloween, so pair that with a bat (well, truthfully bats are darn cool to see in real life!) it makes for a spooky pair!

bear halloween template for pumpkin

Campfire and a S’more

Nothing to scary, but who doesn’t like to be reminded about the gooey goodness once Halloween comes and camping season is done?

Download your s’more pumpkin carving template here!

campfire and s'more template halloween

Ghost over your tent and a full moon

Maybe it’s the wind howling or maybe it’s…. a ghost! I couldn’t make camp themed pumpkin carvings without including atleast one ghost by a moon!

camping pumpkin carving ideas

Get your camp pumpkin carving templates here to campify your Halloween!

Get lifetime access to an ever growing supply of camp themed pumpkin carving templates! This is my first year doing this, however, each year I’ll add a couple more to the pack (which you will have access to without having to purchase anything else again)

Here are some other fun fall/Halloween things to do with the kids

If you are camping with your kids in the fall, prep for the cooler temps!

I’m reallllly hoping to get out with the kids this fall to camp – I’m definitely over this summer heat. If you want to also, check out these tips

camping halloween pumpkin ideas

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