Fun Fall Scavenger Hunt and Matching Game [PDF Printable]

If you’re ready to enjoy all the AWESOME things about fall, then you’ll love doing this fall scavenger hunt with your kids!

Now, this isn’t the traditional scavenger hunt – it’s actually in a BINGO format so that it can be enjoyed a couple of different ways.

Fall is a welcome season after a long hot summer, and even I gotta say (as someone who LOVES summer and sort of dreads the long winter) that I am looking forward to all things cozy and fall colored!

Here are a couple of ways to use this Fall Scavenger Hunt Game

  • As a normal scavenger hunt – mark off each item as you do or see them throughout the month!
  • As a matching game – cut out each square from a spare card and have your preschooler place it on the matching picture from a second card (this is great for matching and gluing practice)
  • As a traditional BINGO game – Cut out the pieces from an extra card and use those as the calling cards for everyone else!
fall game activity for kids printable pdf

Some fun ideas to do with the family during fall

I love having written lists of things I want to do so that each day, I can pick one and try to do it! Otherwise I have all these fun family outings planned in my head and am so bummed as soon as the first snowfall hits and I actually didn’t do anything! Time flies!

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Most of these are covered on the BINGO card/scavenger hunt but thought I’d just list them all here!

  • Get cozy around a campfire
  • Pick fresh apples
  • Make fun dried apples
  • Drink hot cocoa outside
  • Have a picnic on a warm blanket
  • Go to a fall festival
  • Enjoy less crowds and cool weather and go on a hike
  • Make a leaf craft
  • Cover yourself in leaves
  • Attend a fall festival
  • Drink warmed apple juice
  • Have a scavenger hunt to explore the fall colors
  • Eat something that has pumpkin spice (We love pumpkin spice waffles!)
  • Visit the farmers market
  • Make a fall wreath (use real leaves or some from the Dollar Tree!)
  • Host a game night (pst… use these cards from this article!)
  • Cut some fall foliage, seedpods and berries for a pretty fall bouquet
  • Roast pumpkin seeds you got from your pumpkin
  • Make pumpkin bread
  • Cook a meal inside of a pumpkin/squash bowl
  • Host a football night at your house
  • Take a bike ride somewhere you can appreciate the fall colors
  • Paint some pinecones
  • Make pumpkin stamps from apples
  • Build a scarecrow
  • Stock up on glow sticks from the dollar tree and have a glow night!
  • Pick a night to drink a hot chocolate and stargaze as a family
  • Cut some sunflower heads and dry them for memories of summer
  • Go through last years winter gear and donate what you don’t need
  • Bob for apples
  • Make some fall themed playdoh
  • Make a thankful tree
  • Check out some fall themed books from the library (books about pumpkins, seasons etc)
  • Make a fall leaf luminary (modge podge leaves on a plastic jar)
  • Paint pumpkin and apple rocks
  • Make leaf people
  • Break open any seed pods you find to see what they look like inside
  • Eat a piece of pumpkin pie
  • Make french toast
  • Eat or make some fresh jam (We go to the farmer’s market for ours!)
  • See who can find the greenest leaf
  • Get an ear of corn, roll it in paint, and make corn paintings!
  • Eat a caramel apple
  • Collect some yellowed tall grass and try to make a scarecrow
  • Get your favorite boots out and crunch as many leaves as you can
  • Find a bird feather (this looks really cool in a fall or Halloween wreath!)

Download your “Hello Fall” activity sheets now!

No matter how you use them, I bet you’ll love how they look and your kids will like a visual representation of some of the fun you have planned this fall for the family!

Your downloaded version will include 4 different cards (and of course I’ll take my website name out of the top!)

Download your “Hello Fall” Kids Scavenger Hunt Game now!


Here are some other fun fall activities to do with the family!

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