15 Halloween Camping Ideas for the WHOLE Family [Decor, Crafts, Activity Ideas & More!]

Halloween camping is an awesome way to get away from the crowds and really have a unique experience! We have been camping the past few Halloweens, and I wanted to share some fun ways to get the spooky magic going! While, obviously, there is some decorating involved, there are also some fun spooky crafts and games that are PERFECT to play at the campground! So whether you like to go all out or just want a few simple ideas for a campground trick or treat event, you’ll be sure to … Read more

Spooky Nature Potion Kids Halloween Activity + FREE Printable Recipe Worksheet!

halloween crafts for camping with family

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something magical about October – with this spooky themed nature potion activity, that magic can be brought to life! Witch’s brews, candles, and weird recipe lists are some of the things that come to mind when I think of a Halloween potion. And since our crew often find ourselves outside, I thought I’d combine that with nature for a super fun hands on Halloween nature activity! Check out what we did and download your own potion recipe worksheet to do with your … Read more

FREE Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printables for Kids (Visual, ABC + Senses!)!

halloween scavenger hunt to use while camping

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the family this Halloween, then you’ll love this set of cute Halloween themed scavenger hunts! Almost all of the items can be found around the neighborhood or in your home (if you chose to decorate!) There are a couple of different designs to choose from… but they’re all spooky! Here we go! Let’s get spooky – here’s what kids will need to find for this visual Halloween scavenger hunt! I absolutely love picture based scavenger hunts – not only are they … Read more

13 SPOOKY Halloween Camping Wall Art Printables [3 Free PDFs]!

If you LOVE Halloween and camping, then you’re going to love this – 13 pretty darn spooky Halloween camping themed wall art printables! If you can’t tell by how cool looking these are, I REALLY like Halloween – I kind of like spooky things in general, so naturally I had to source the absolute coolest camp themed art work and turn it into some fun Halloween printables to hang up in your camper or RV! Don’t forget to check out my other Halloween camping articles (pretty soon our very own … Read more

4 FREE Thanksgiving Printables For Kids (Scavenger Hunt, I Spy and More!)

find and color thanksgiving kids printable

If you love Thanksgiving dinner, but are super nervous how long your kids will actually sit still for, then you need these four fun FREE Printable Thanksgiving Kids Activities! I know I plan in advance for Thanksgiving – I mean, I don’t eat the whole day, possibly even the day before because I know I really enjoy sitting down and eating AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! I’m not a cook, however I do really enjoy homecooked meals… so Thanksgiving is my jam! What I don’t love is how my kids have … Read more

Thankful Activity Journal Printable For Kids!

printable thankful journal for kids free

What better way to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with the kids than have them fill out these thankful journals! I’m sure if you’re reading this you probably celebrated thanksgiving in school a much different way than is acceptable now, so there’s no better time to really focus on what we’re thankul for (especially with the stress of Christmas coming… eek!) If your kids are like mine and eat 3 buns and a slice of pie for their dinner, you might want some printable activities to keep them occupied and at the … Read more

13 Ideas To Decorate Your RV for Halloween Camping!

skeletons by the campfire

If you enjoy fall camping like me, then you might end up camping during spooky season (October!), so why not decorate your campground for Halloween! I absolutely love Halloween decorating, so I was pretty excited to see such an amazing response when I asked one of my favorite RV groups about what their Halloween decor looks like! Let’s check out some of these fun Halloween camping ideas! If you’re looking for activities to do beyond the decorating, then don’t forget to head to this list of 15+ Halloween Camping Activities! … Read more

Halloween Kids Activity Book FREE Printable

printable halloween activity for kids

If you love Halloween and creativity in kids, then you’ll love this cute little Halloween Journal printable! It’s pocket sized, only takes one sheet of paper, and is super fun to do with the kiddos. Let’s check it out! What’s in this Halloween activity book? I’ve included fun spooky prompts like Sketch your favorite pumpkin face Draw your favorite Halloween treat Who’s wearing this hat? Draw what you imagine! The witch’s brew needs one last ingredient… draw it! Draw a spooky spider who lives in this web What do you … Read more

“Fall in a Bottle” Fun Outdoor Fall Activity For Kids!

fall in a bottle leaf outdoor activity with picture

If you’ve ever had a perfect fall day – shining sun, yellow leaves, crunching all around – and you wished you could bottle it… well here is the PERFECT fall activity for you and your kids! The “Fall in a Bottle” activity! Not only is this a great way to encourage kids to explore around them and notice the things that make fall different, but it might end up being a keepsake too (I know mine is!) So the next time you get ready to go stomp on some leaves … Read more

Cute Halloween Candy Exchange Bucks [Printable PDFS]

While it’s pretty darn awesome to go and collect all the candy on Halloween night, when it comes to kids EATING the candy… well that can be overkill! I don’t mind eating some candy, but even I remember the massive belly aches that would ensue because I have literally no self control when it comes to that stuff (both as an adult and kid!) So to prevent the massive belly aches while still letting my kids join in on the excitement, I made these adorable “candy bucks!” Why even do … Read more