13 Ideas To Decorate Your RV for Halloween Camping!

If you enjoy fall camping like me, then you might end up camping during spooky season (October!), so why not decorate your campground for Halloween!

I absolutely love Halloween decorating, so I was pretty excited to see such an amazing response when I asked one of my favorite RV groups about what their Halloween decor looks like!

Let’s check out some of these fun Halloween camping ideas!

If you’re looking for activities to do beyond the decorating, then don’t forget to head to this list of 15+ Halloween Camping Activities!

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Before we start – if you’re going on a Halloween camp trip with kids, make sure to print some of these spooky scavenger hunts ahead of time!

Halloween is my favorite time of year, and for the past couple of years, we’ve been doing a special Halloween camp trip in lieu of trick or treating!

Bring some decorations and costumes and these Halloween scavenger hunts to create your own Halloween camp memories!

If you want to even more camp themed Halloween fun, be sure to check out my Halloween Camp Pumpkin Carving Templates and my newest addition, these 13 camp themed Halloween wall art printables!

Skeletons by the campfire

I love all the details of this one (besides the obviously awesome skeletons) – the lights, ghosts and bloody handprints make this even spookier!

skeletons by the campfire
A couple skeletons enjoying the campfire (and that crazy friend on the left!) (via J. Lynn)

RV Graveyard

Imagine walking through this at night! There’s also a haunted doll, werewolf, grim reaper and a spider lurking on the awning!

rv graveyard halloween
Those middle of the night pee runs never seemed so spooky (hopefully it’s not too cold to continue to use indoor plumbing in your camper!) (via J. Lynn)

The spider even took over the fencing!!

(via J. Lynn)

Zombie babies by the campfire!

This is what happens if you feed them s’mores after midnight!

zombie children by campfire
Now I might get why some people don’t like kids at campsites =0 (via S. Sheets)

Here’s a view during day time – AHHHH!

halloween camping ideas
Judging by the parents, the babies looks run in the family! LOL! (via S. Sheets)

Think I’ll skip lunch!

This bloody table cloth and zombie might be the only thing that’d stop me from some yummy camp food!

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haunted picnic table
The company seems… interesting… at this picnic table! AHH! (via K. Lanty)

Spooky camp couple (+dogs)!

I love how they even personalized the skeletons!

halloween camping family
B. Maynor and her skeleton crew!
via B. Maynor

Spider Takeover!

Forget about keeping the mice out of the camper, how in the world do you get rid of the massive 3 ft big spiders??

spider rv
B. Maynor spotted this spider infested camper!

Spooky harvest at the campground!

Celebrate fall the spooky way – pretty autumn colors, corn stalks, and HALLOWEEN DECOR!

fall rv and halloween
Fall is the best for tons of reasons.. but the colors and spookiness are the top ones! (via K. Lanty )

What cooler place to hang out Halloween night?

Light your site up with spooky lawn decor like this!

halloween camping yard decor
Light up your Halloween night with these guys ! (via RJ. Stein)

This will keep people from walking through your spot!

Nothing like a zombie hand and some intoxicated pumpkin vomit to stop a person from cutting through your site!

keep out
No more short cutters through your site now! (via J. Lynn)

ENORMOUS ghost camper spotted!

I’m a giant fan of all GIANT Halloween decor… so this big ghost is perfect!

ghost decor camping
what goes BOO in the campground?? (via V. Martin)

The Notorious 12 ft Skeleton!

This guy is AWESOME and definitely makes a statement – I think he’s from Home Depot! Check out the creators Tiktok here to see this set up at night!

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