23 Best Camping Gifts for Babies!

If you love camping and want to pass that love onto your baby (or a friends baby who love exploring!) then this is the gift guide for you! These camping gifts for baby cover everything – fun accessories and toys, clothes, and of course the essentials for actually going camping!

From books about camping, pretend play toys and even pesonalized gear, you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect for them here!

Let’s check it out!


Camping Gifts for Babies

Do you know a camp loving mom or dad who wants to pass that love on to their baby? Then check out these cute camp themed gifts perfect for a baby!

Cute Camp Themed Baby Toys and Accessories

I wanted to break this up into sections so that it would be easier to find what you're looking for! This section is all about the toys and "extras" such as nice blankets, teethers and play things!

Cute Camping Themed Baby Clothes!

I wanted to make this a whole section because there's too many cute shirts - it was really hard to narrow it down to one or two, so I wanted to include a bit more than normal so you all could pick the cutest yourself!

Some really useful things to actually go camping with a baby!

One of my most popular articles is this list of the top 9 best baby camping products, however I just wanted to take this spot to really spotlight some of the most important ones!

These are perfect for someone who doesn't like cutesty things like blankets and prefers functional useful things!

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