29 Best Camp Coffee Mugs + Gifts for Camp Lovers!

If there is a camper you know that you need a gift for, it might be hard to figure out what they need FUNCTIONALLY (after all, everyone has differenet gear they like!) but I bet they will ALL like coffee mugs that show that love for camping!

I love having unique coffee cups for pretty much every hobby that I have! We’ve slowly been switching out the boring set we had when we first moved in together for ones that are special to us that we really like.

The cups I’ve linked to below are cute ways to let everyone know about your (or your friends!) camping passion.

The top section is all the really cute “unique” ones (most from Etsy), and the bottom section are the “performance” camp mugs such as the ones that are super insulated, clip on and have lids!

Here we go!


Best Camping Coffee Mugs

Coffee cups are always perfect gifts to reflect what you love! So if you love camping, I bet you'll love these camping themed coffee mugs! I have also added a section at the bottom for the "functional" kind incase you came here looking for something that's NOT cutesy!

The "Functional" Camp Coffee Mugs

While all the cups above are definitely functional, they are definitely decorative and might be viewed more as "gifts".

These cups are good for the rough and tumble at camp, and might be able to withstand a bit more than the cups above (unless they're the tin cups.. those are indestructible!)

More camping coffee lovers gift ideas (that aren't cups!)

In my search for the coolest stuff, I found some items that, while aren't actual cups, definitely convey your love for coffee while camping!

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