5 Best RV Patio Mats (from actual RV owners!)

If you’ve ever stepped out of your RV in the morning only to feel dirt and rocks… well, it’s time you invest in an RV patio mat! It’s nice to not have to wear shoes every time you want to go enjoy the shade of your RV awning. And it’s also nice if you have kids to prevent trips and scrapes!

When deciding on which RV mat to buy, you’re probably wondering about how easy they are to clean, their effect on the grass, as well as how durable they are – I’ll include a bit of everything so you can find exactly what you need!

P.S. I’ve picked the top 5 RV patio mats (there are quite a few junky ones!) I really hate review articles that are full of fluff and like a billion options – if you wanted to read all of that you might as well just head over to Amazon! I’m here to simplify it for you =)

So let’s take a quick look at my top picks for RV outdoor rugs.

**Update 7/31/21 – after testing an up-and-coming brand of outdoor gear, I have to recommend you check out Gili Gear whole sand free line of patio mats and storage solutions here. It looks super cohesive, is eco friendly, and made in the USA!**

Best RV Patio Mats

Here are the highest rated travel trailer patio mats that are perfect for making your awning area even more enjoyable!

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Things to Consider When Choosing Your RV Patio Mat

I think the five RV patio mats I featured are some of the best. But there are TONS of different options out there. So whether you’re gonna choose one from my list or another, what should you keep in mind before choosing an RV mat for your next camping trip?


The RV outdoor rugs on my list only weigh about 10-15 pounds and that seems to be the case with most outdoor rugs. Heavier ones will usually be a bit more durable. Lighter rugs will be easier to handle and will pack up smaller which is nice if you’re short on space.

Another thing you should remember is that lighter outdoor mats will get blown around easier by the wind so it’s best to have a way to stake them down.

How Easy Is It To Clean?

Patio mats have to put up with a lot of dirt and grime – mud, sand, and the occasional spilled bowel of pancake batter. Some of the dry stuff is easy to sweep off with a broom, but it’s also important to be able to hose it off and hang it to dry. Fortunately all the RV outdoor rugs on my list can be hosed down with water to clean.

Ease of Transportation

Trying to handle a rolled up patio mat can seriously feel like wrestling a limp anaconda. Four of the options on my list come with convenient carrying bags with handles which make it super easy to fold up and store.


If you want a patio mat that’ll last several seasons, buy one that can stand up to the elements. Look for a mat that has some UV protection so it won’t start fading after camping a few trips on sunny campsites. It should also shed water easily and be mold and mildew resistant to stay nice even after a few rainy camping trips.

How Do I Keep the Wind From Blowing It?

Even if you have a picnic table or some chairs sitting on top of your awning mat, it’s still worth it to have the corners staked down. Just imagine… you sit down to an awesome camp dinner. Along comes a gust of wind and flips up a corner of your mat along with a bunch of dirt and pine needles that are now all over the table. Yuck!

Look for an RV patio mat with little loops on the corners where you can put some stakes to hold it down (so you can enjoy your camp meal in peace!)

Don’t Kill Your Grass

If you’ll be laying out your rug on a dirt campsite you don’t have to worry about this. But if you’ll be using your RV mat on grass, you should look for a mat that’s breathable. This will help protect the grass beneath the RV mat so you don’t end up with a mat-sized patch of dead grass.

Did you find the perfect RV Mat?

When it came to choosing our RV mat, weight wasn’t as important as durability. We have 3 kids, a ton of camp gear (mainly kitchen stuff) and tend to camp out of campgrounds – that means sand, rocks, and just overall rougher terrain campsites.

I didn’t include the fake grass mats here as I honestly don’t think they would count as camping or awning mats (we have camped A LOT, and the only people I see using those types of RV mats are permanent people).

If you’re someone who needs to see and feel the mat in real life before buying, I do see them often at Costco during summertime. And of course, you can always find RV mats at camping dealerships as well!

What’s your favorite outdoor camping rug? Did I miss your favorite RV mat here? Leave it in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “5 Best RV Patio Mats (from actual RV owners!)”

  1. Some people may think that having the best RV patio mat is a somewhat trivial idea, but seasoned RV owners know that it is not the case. And It is especially important if you have young kids in the family. I also chose to give my family a rug that is Ming’s Mark GC1 Graphic Mat. This rug, which is one of the best Ming’s mark products, is also porous, so it just lets any liquid spilled on top of it seep through and into the ground. Also, because the rug can breathe, it will not harm the grass underneath it. Is that right?

  2. I’ve been using REVERSIBLE MATS for around a year & a half now and it is a great camping mat! I wasn’t sure when I first got it. It’s fairly thick, but had a somewhat “cheap” feel to it and I was thinking I’d get one or two camping trips out of it. Well, I’ve got WAY more than that and it still looks brand new!

    • WOW! Yes we got one spur of the moment from some place like K mart that felt cheap (it felt like plastic bags woven together) but it actually ended up being pretty durable too (like yours!) – Stacy

  3. REVERSIBLE MATS is a great camp mat. We use it with our pop-up camper. It’s a large mat, theres plenty of space to cover most of the ground under our awning.

    • Hi Philip!
      Yes those are super handy! It’s especially good for the desert, really reduces the sand in the camper and the reversible mats are durable on each side so they’re easy to clean. – Stacy

  4. I absolutely love Reversible outdoor carpets. My rambunctious lab has peed, ran, played, sleeps, lots of foot traffic on them, etc on these and they still look great! I never put the iron directly on the mat itself. If dirty I get the blower or hose them off, they clean super easy.

    • Yes I love them too Samantha!! We have 3 kiddos who also put ours to the test (barf, spilled milk/juice, lots and lots of sand mud etc). It’s been super helpful having an easy to clean/maintain spot for them to play when they were little. I’m happy you found them useful too! – Stacy

  5. Ming’s Mark is exactly what I was looking for. Compact and wipes easily and great area covering for a campsite in front of RV door. I have taken this on a number of trips this year and I am so happy with the purchase.

  6. I have just bought Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio RV Camping Mat. I absolutely love this carpet. I purchased it for my deck. Can’t wait to put it on deck tomorrow after my new deck roof is installed. This will be perfect. Even though it’s straw material it is so soft under your feet and it looks like real carpet.

  7. 4 stars
    As a full-time RVer, I use this Reversible mat on a daily basis. I like that it’s large enough to cover my entire area without the need for two rugs, and the style complements my RV nicely. The rug is very soft under my feet, although the black gets heated when exposed to direct sunlight.


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