17 RV Camping Gift Ideas – Under $15 PERFECT for the Camper in Your Life!

Updated November 28th, 2023

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers for the RV camping in your life or cheap RV “hacks” to upgrade your camping experience, these 17 cheap RV accessories are perfect!

I made sure to only include USEFUL items – not saying that camp themed dish rags and such aren’t useful, but it’s nice to have some functional items for your money!

If you’re just starting out RV camping, this list of budget must haves for your camper could be helpful too! It focuses on just the basics you need to go on your first camp trip.

Most Useful RV Items Under $10

What’s been your most useful RV item that was suprisingly cheap?

You’d be surprised at how many little things you could find even at the Dollar Tree! I know we’ve used ALOT of stick on hooks and rolls of velcro (in fact, we even keep it in the camper!) and we own almost everything on this list!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here are some glamping indoor luxury items and glamping outdoor luxury items to get your dreaming!

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