How to DIY RV BlackOut Window Covers for Your RV or Camper (NO SEWING Involved!)

Who else loves to nap during the day, but are blinded by the sunlight streaming through those cheap camper blinds, and swear you’ll buy the fancy black out blinds for your camper next time??

But if you’re like me, and super cheap, you probably never do! I have a TON of things in my “Save for Later” section of my Amazon cart, and I can tell you, nice blackout blinds are one of them!

This is especially true after our first camp trip of the year with all 3 kids in a new sleep set up – my son moved to the top bunk (no window!) but my twins are now in the bottom where there is both a window and blinds… and the blinds seem especially fun when they are going to sleep! I imagine it’s like some fun crunchy baby toy in their eyes for them!

Anyways, I wanted a quick and cheap way to do a couple of things – block out the light, help regulate the temperature a bit in our camper, as well as hopefully reduce the need to have those crunchy, cheap blinds that little kids love to wreck!

And I got it!

These cost around 5 dollars to make each, and you can bump up their quality with additional material (or even the actual black out material they sell at the store!)

Here we go!

cheap and easy no sew blackout window covers for travel trailer

How to Make Custom DIY RV or Camper Window Blackout Covers (For Cheap!)

How to Make Custom DIY RV or Camper Window Blackout Covers (For Cheap!)

Make your own DIY RV window blackout covers for cheap with just a few materials! You can modify this to make it more "blackout" as needed!

Prep Time 20 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes


  • Tissue paper, contact paper, or some other thin, see through paper for tracing your window shape onto
  • Tape
  • Foam Board (You can get it at the dollar store)
  • Material enough to cover board (get enough for both sides if you want more black out and temp control power!)
  • Marker to trace


  • Hot glue gun
  • Exacto knife


  1. Tape your see through paper over your window. how to make custom rv black out cover
  2. Trace the contours of the window (you should be able to use the frame of the window as a guide) Remember, this is to be placed INSIDE the frame, so trace the inside, not the outside! (see pic) trace countours of rv window to make diy window cover
  3. Remove see through paper and tape it to your foam board tape rv window cover outline to foam board
  4. Start cutting out the window shape with an exacto knife Leave a small notch so that it's easy removable! leave notch so that camper window blackout cover is easily removed
  5. Once cut, make sure it fits by testing it in your window. It's good to fit snug! make sure your rv window blackout shade fits before moving onto material
  6. Bring it in the house to prepare to glue the material to the foam board. A note on materials - Mine was thin, so isn't as "blackout" as some desire (and I only had enough for one side!), so make sure to pick a thick enough / dark enough material for your needs! They do sell black out material near the curtain fabric section in walmart! get your material and hot glue gun ready to customize your camper blackout window cover
  7. Trace around your foam board window, leaving an inch or two extra around it for gluing over the edge trace around foam board to leave enough material to glue on other side for camper windows
  8. Glue all straight edges firstglue edges with hot glue gun for camper blackout cover
  9. Go back and do your corners (I'm no seamstress, but I found cutting them a bit helped to make them lay flat better!) how to make tight corners in window blackouts for travel trailer
  10. Done! completed camper blackout window cover

How did it go? Send me a picture!

These work perfect for the windows that don’t open, such as our kitchen window in our camper. I do have an issue with our kids bunk window, as the slide handle sticks out and makes it not lay flat (don’t worry, I have a solution!) I think more of a traditional curtain style might be best, but instead we would use velcro to secure it all in place.

Anyways, I’d love to see if you did it, or of any cool recommendations you have to make this even better! Now go on and enjoy that mid day nap so that I may live vicariously through you (with 3 kids 3 and under, it ain’t happening for awhile for me! =P )

how to make blackout shade at home for camper windows

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