13+ RV Luxury Items You Don’t Need… BUT WILL LOVE!

You probably see again and again all the “RV Must Haves” and those are great for getting started – but how about if you want that LUXURY RV life with all the extras? Then this list is for you!

Now just because I say “luxury” doesn’t mean all these items are expensive, but more that you don’t need them to get started, and would likely get by fine without them!

These RV products will really up your indoor RV game, and make your travel trailer MORE comfortable, MORE functional, and heck… MORE enjoyable!

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Here are the top 13 things to upgrade your RV experience (or gift to that camper in your life this year!)

Update – this article had such an amazing response that I also wrote one on the Top 11 OUTDOOR RV items you don’t need… but that can make camp life soooo much easier!

rv ideas for products you dont need but are nice for comfort and extra

13 Best RV Upgrades (Indoors!)

Camping can be pretty darn comfy – anything missing from this list for even more comfort in the RV?

Let me know if I should add something to this list! While I love the idea of tent camping, I do also love being able to enjoy the views from my cozy camper… and I intend to make it even more comfy as time goes on!

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