27 Fun Camping Charades Prompts! [Printable PDF]

If you love camping games, then you’ll love this set of camping charades! We always use camping as a time to reconnect to one another – this is especially true if we have no cell signal!

It’s sort of a blessing in disguise for us! If we can’t scroll our phones (which unforuntately tends to be a default sometimes) in our downtime, we hang out alot more and try to find other ways to occupy ourselves.

I played alot of charades as a kid, and figured that my own would love it too, especially if it was camp themed!


Camp Charades Printable!

Some prompts included in this printable include

  • Act like you see a bear!
  • Trip over a tent line
  • Grill some food
  • Act like a deer
  • Relax in a camp chair
  • Eat a S’more

and 22 more fun camp prompts that kids and even adults will enjoy acting out!

I also included a couple of blank cards so that you can write in some of your favorites (I know that within our camping group, we have some inside jokes that would be freaking hilarious to act out!)

camp charades printable
What’s in the camp charade packet!

How to play camp charades while actually camping?

Don’t get me wrong, these are a BLAST to play just about anywhere to remind you of camping! However, at camp, paper doesn’t always hold up the best!

I recommend laminating them and storing them in something where they won’t get bent, such as a jar or bin!

Even better, you can decorate it so that it becomes even more special!

I like to have everyone sit in a circle and take a turn pulling a card out of the jar. We go by the standard rules (no talking, noises, or lip movement!) and see who can act out the most charades successfully!

how to play camp charades at camp
I just used an extra charade card to make a label for my mason jar!

Get your own set of charades now!

Use the button below to purchase your own set and get ready to have an even better time at camp!

With four different cute camp-themed borders, 27 prompts, 2 blanks, and large, easy to read wording, everyone will love playing this classic game!

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I just really love those borders – if you like camping, it’s just fun to have EVERYTHING camp themed!

Not ready to buy? Don’t want to leave you empty handed… here’s this!

This is from my eBook, and is SUPER printer friendly (the whole book was designed that way!)

It still has 18 of the prompts, it’s just not as flashy!

You can download this basic free version below by clicking this link! =)

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