99 Outdoor Date Ideas That Are Actually Affordable! | 20+ Fun Outdoor Date Ideas for Every Season

list of outdoor date ideas for every season

Dating can be so stifling sometimes. All those dinners and movies? Snooze. Why not switch it up this year and take your date on an outdoor adventure instead? No need to brave the cold winter air or the scorching summer sun – we’ve got you covered with 99 ideas for every season. So get ready to explore your city (or state, or country!) like never before! This outdoor date guide is divided into seasons and I’ve linked to helpful tips to do the activity in each tip. As an Amazon … Read more

Solo Stove Lite vs. Ohuhu – My Surprising Experience With Both

solo stove vs ohuhu for backpacking stove

Welcome to the great battle between two of the most popular mini wood-burning camp stoves — the Solo Stove Lite and the Ohuhu.  Both claim to do the same thing — give you an efficient and lightweight mini wood burning stove you can take backpacking, camping, or picnicking.  So in a head to head competition, which comes out the winner? IMPORTANT! – This is NOT a review based on other people’s reviews. I personally put both of these stoves to the test to find out which you should buy. DON’T … Read more

12 Best Sun Hats for Kids (2022) No Sunburn This Summer!

camping bingo fun activity while camping with the kdis

Looking for the best sun hats for kids? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most stylish sun hats for your little one to keep them looking cool and protected from the sun this summer.  From classic bucket hats to trendy fedoras, there’s sure to be a perfect sun hat for every child out there. So stop depending on cheap drugstore sunscreen (that stuff is no bueno) to protect their faces and shop for a stylish sun hat instead – your kiddo … Read more

Pooping Outside | The Illustrated Guide to Taking A Dump Outdoors

Ever wondered how to poop in the potty when there ain’t no potty? Wonder no more.  Here’s your complete guide to pooping outside during your outdoor adventures.  How to poop outside while hiking and backpacking. How do rock climbers do it? What about on a rafting trip?  Get the answers to all those questions and more in this complete guide to pooping outdoors. If you’re squeamish, you better not keep reading ‘cause we’re gonna dive headfirst into this topic.  Let’s start with a few of the basics.  As an Amazon … Read more

9 Best Kids Hiking Boots and Shoes | Footwear That Can Take a Beating

hiking inspiration point

Who better to ask about the best kids hiking boots than “The Beast” herself?  Well, since “The Beast” is just shy of her 6th birthday, I had to go ahead and ask her mom.  “The Beast” is the trail name given to young Juniper Netterburg.   Juniper recently completed all 2,193 miles of the Appalachian Trail (AT) at the age of 4 (Yes 4!) alongside her mom, dad, and 3 older siblings. “The Beast’s” mom Danae, was kind enough to give me the rundown on how their hiking footwear performed on … Read more

7 Leave No Trace Principles Printable PDF Worksheet For Kids!

More people are spending time outdoors backpacking, hiking, and camping, which is why it’s more important than ever we all learn how to “Leave No Trace”… and what better way to learn than with this free printable Leave No Trace worksheet for kids?? Our outdoor activities can really take a toll on mother nature – litter, polluted water sources, effects on wildlife, and even wildfires. Don’t you just hate seeing campsites and trails littered with garbage!? To help combat our negative effects on mother nature, the Leave No Trace Center … Read more

Women’s Hiking Journal + Motivational Tracker Photo REVIEW (you won’t believe how it looks on the inside!)

womens hiking journal gift for camping

If you’re looking for a beautiful new hiking journal to inspire you in your travels, then check out this pretty womens hiking journal! I myself LOVE to journal, and seeing as I also love to hike (check the url… crazy OUTDOOR mama!) it’s something I’ve worked on for awhile! This flowy, feminine journal has useful prompts and plenty of space for your own pictures and thoughts + some fun progress tracking pages. As a bonus for journal owners, I thought it would be fun to include a downloadable, matching calendar … Read more