Top 50+ Amazing Camping Gifts for Couples | 2023 Gift Guide

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2023 If you know a couple who loves all things camping, you can be sure they’ll appreciate a gift that helps them enjoy the great outdoors even more. But where do you even start? Do you want to get them something practical? Romantic? Are you on a budget? Well, no matter what kind of gift you’re looking for, I have it right here in this amazing list of the best camping gifts for couples in all price ranges. Here’s how I have it laid out: As … Read more

35 Unique Camping Gift Ideas | ZERO Boring Gifts Here!

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. It can also be a lot of fun, especially when you have the right gear. Camping gift ideas are a great way to show your loved ones that you care and want them to have a good time on their next camping trip. But what do you buy for the camper that seems to have everything? Here are 35 unique camping gift ideas that will make them smile and help them enjoy their next trip. We’ll start off with … Read more

11 Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bags for Summe

Summer is by far the best time of year for camping – warm weather means the ability to hang out outside all day, go swimming, and sit around by the campfire.  But it also means that when it’s time to go to bed, it might still be hot and sticky out. So, I’ve compiled this list of the very best warm weather sleeping bags so you can stay comfy all night long – no matter the temperature. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission should you purchase through any … Read more

14 Best Portable Camping Showers to Stay Squeaky Clean in the Woods in 2024

I’m sure it’s happened to you at least once. If it hasn’t happened to you…well, you better prepare yourself. Sooner or later it will. You know how it goes… You pull up to a campground, set up your campsite and then head over to the bathhouse to get a shower. You open the shower stall and are greeted with something that looks like… Let me tell you from personal experience…there are a lot of nasty campground showers out there. That’s why it pays to be prepared with a portable camping … Read more

Solo Stove Lite vs. Ohuhu – My Surprising Experience With Both

solo stove vs ohuhu for backpacking stove

Welcome to the great battle between two of the most popular mini wood-burning camp stoves — the Solo Stove Lite and the Ohuhu.  Both claim to do the same thing — give you an efficient and lightweight mini wood burning stove you can take backpacking, camping, or picnicking.  So in a head to head competition, which comes out the winner? IMPORTANT! – This is NOT a review based on other people’s reviews. I personally put both of these stoves to the test to find out which you should buy. DON’T … Read more

Pooping Outside | The Illustrated Guide to Taking A Dump Outdoors

Ever wondered how to poop in the potty when there ain’t no potty? Wonder no more.  Here’s your complete guide to pooping outside during your outdoor adventures.  How to poop outside while hiking and backpacking. How do rock climbers do it? What about on a rafting trip?  Get the answers to all those questions and more in this complete guide to pooping outdoors. If you’re squeamish, you better not keep reading ‘cause we’re gonna dive headfirst into this topic.  Let’s start with a few of the basics.  As an Amazon … Read more

How to Poop in the Woods – An Illustrated Guide to the Lost Art

If a turd falls in the forest and no one is around to smell it, does it really stink? Heck yeah it does! And it can even pollute waterways and seriously mess with mother nature’s tranquil vibe when not handled properly.  So let’s get the full scoop on properly pooping in the woods. In this 5-minute read you’ll get everything you need to know how to poop in the woods so that the next time you’re hiking and mother nature calls… Your human waste doesn’t pollute the outdoor environment You … Read more

Solo Stove Campfire Review – Is It Really the Best Mini Campfire for Portable Camp Cooking?

solo stove campfire

There’s something magical about campfires, right? They’re a place to cook, relax, and tell scary stories! Camping just wouldn’t be the same without them.  So when a portable wood stove takes on the name “CAMPFIRE”, it’s got some pretty big shoes to fill.  Does the Solo Stove Campfire really live up to its name? Can it really replace a traditional campfire in some situations? You might be surprised! In my review article, I’ll share what I’ve learned about the Solo Stove Campfire from personal experience. That way you can tell … Read more

Solo Stove Titan Review – Is It Really a Titan Among Portable Wood Stoves?

solo stove titan in use

Want an alternative to expensive fuel canister stoves? Then the Solo Stove Titan portable wood stove should be one of your top options.  In this review article I’ll share what I’ve learned about the Solo Stove Titan from personal experience so I can help you decide if it’s the right portable stove for you. You might be surprised what the little Titan is capable of…I know I was IMPRESSED! So here’s what I’ll go over in this 5-minute read: What’s all the hype with the Solo Stoves anyway? Solo Stove … Read more

15 Best Hiking Backpacks for Kids, Toddlers, and Teens | 2022

You may be asking, do my kids really need hiking backpacks? The truth is they don’t…if you don’t mind carrying all of their water, food, and gear.  Let’s do some math! I have four kids with a combined weight of 232 lbs. According to the experts at REI, hiking backpacks should weigh between 10% and 20% of a hiker’s body weight. No backpacks for the kiddos means I’ll end up carrying an extra 23.2 lbs and a max of 46.4 lbs!  My knees can’t take another 46.4 lbs. 😬😨   So … Read more