Kayak River Camping: Top Tips for Your First Trip

kayak river camp

Looking for an outdoor adventure that’s a little different than your usual camping trip? Why not try kayak river camping?  For this type of camping, you’ll be kayaking down a river with all your camping gear, enjoying riverside campsites each evening. It’s a great way to experience nature up close and personal, and it’s also a lot of fun. However, kayak river camping does have some unique challenges. That’s why it’s important to be prepared before you embark on your kayaking adventure.  Here are a few tips to help you … Read more

Solo Stove Lite vs. Ohuhu | My Surprising Experience With Both Stoves

solo stove vs ohuhu for backpacking stove

Welcome to the great battle between two of the most popular mini wood-burning camp stoves — the Solo Stove Lite and the Ohuhu.  On the one hand we’ve got the Lite, the crowd favorite from the popular Solo Stove firepit brand.  And on the other hand we’ve got the Ohuhu, the budget-priced and what some would call “knock-off” version of the Lite that you can find for a fraction of the price on Amazon. Both claim to do the same thing — give you an efficient and lightweight mini wood … Read more

Pooping Outside | The Illustrated Guide to Taking A Dump Outdoors

Ever wondered how to poop in the potty when there ain’t no potty? Wonder no more.  Here’s your complete guide to pooping outside during your outdoor adventures.  How to poop outside while hiking and backpacking. How do rock climbers do it? What about on a rafting trip?  Get the answers to all those questions and more in this complete guide to pooping outdoors. If you’re squeamish, you better not keep reading ‘cause we’re gonna dive headfirst into this topic.  Let’s start with a few of the basics.  As an Amazon … Read more

How to Poop in the Woods – An Illustrated Guide to the Lost Art

If a turd falls in the forest and no one is around to smell it, does it really stink? Heck yeah it does! And it can even pollute waterways and seriously mess with mother nature’s tranquil vibe when not handled properly.  So let’s get the full scoop on properly pooping in the woods. In this 5-minute read you’ll get everything you need to know how to poop in the woods so that the next time you’re hiking and mother nature calls… Your human waste doesn’t pollute the outdoor environment You … Read more

12 Best Kayak Trailers for Easy Transport (2023 Update)

Kayaks are made to be in the water. But once you get them out of the water, they become like an unruly 10-year-old you have to wrestle on and off the roof of your car.  That’s why lots of kayaking families prefer kayak trailers. With a trailer for kayaks, it’s easier to transport your kayaks and you can even carry more of them! So is a kayak trailer really the solution for you? Maybe. Maybe not. In this article, you’ll find out.  Plus, if you decide a trailer might be … Read more

What Size Dry Bags Are Best for Kayaking and Kayak Camping?

Kayaking is all fun and games until something gets wet that shouldn’t have. So get yourself some dry bags so you can just stick to the fun and games!😋 But dry bags come in all shapes and sizes. Five liters, 10 liters, even 60 liters! What size dry bags do you need for kayaking and kayak camping? And what can you fit in each? In this 5-minute read, you’ll get everything you need to know to choose the right size dry bags for kayaking! What to Consider When Choosing the … Read more

Sit on Top Kayak Camping 101 | Packing Your Sit On Top

Wanna try kayak camping but all you’ve got is your trusty ole’ sit on top? No worries. Sit on top kayak camping is possible!  Kayak camping trips in touring or sit-in kayaks are the norm. But with some careful packing and a couple of dry bags, you can go camping in your sit on top kayak too! In this 5 minute read, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of sit on top kayak camping, how to pack your sit on top kayak with camping gear, and … Read more

67 Camping and Nature Tattoo Ideas – Tents, RVs, Bears, Campfire and More!

If you love the outdoors and are looking for a way to remember that love forever, then you’ll love this massive list of camping and nature tattoo inspiration! I have tried to organize the tattoos the best I can using main and sub categories so that it’s easier to find what you need. Here we go – this guide is split into camping tattoos and nature tattoos! Take me to CAMPING Tattoo Ideas Take me to NATURE Tattoo Ideas P.S. if you see any of these tattoos that you are … Read more

Best Kayak Camping Gear | 19+ Items You Can’t Go Kayaking Without

How much you enjoy your kayak camping trip can depend a lot on what gear you pack. Pack too little of the wrong stuff and it’s easy to end up sunburnt, blistered, and hungry.  Pack the right kayak camping gear and you’ll stay safe and have a blast! In addition to the basics like a kayak, first aid kit, sleeping bag, and other basic camping gear, what else should you bring along to help you enjoy your trip? Here are my top picks. About this Gear Just to be clear… … Read more

Follow These 7 Leave No Trace Principles for Kayaking and Kayak Camping

how to leave no trace while kayak camping

As more and more people are spending time outdoors kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding, it’s more important than ever that all of us paddlers learn how to “Leave No Trace”.  All outdoor activities can take their toll, but waterways and shorelines are teeming with life and are especially delicate. And although we want to have an awesome time boating, we can’t do it at the expense of mother nature. That’s where Leave No Trace principles can help.  Although the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics promotes their Leave No … Read more