Sit on Top Kayak Camping 101 | Packing Your Sit On Top

Wanna try kayak camping but all you’ve got is your trusty ole’ sit on top? No worries. Sit on top kayak camping is possible!  Kayak camping trips in touring or sit-in kayaks are the norm. But with some careful packing and a couple of dry bags, you can go camping in your sit on top kayak too! In this 5 minute read, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of sit on top kayak camping, how to pack your sit on top kayak with camping gear, and … Read more

67 Camping and Nature Tattoo Ideas – Tents, RVs, Bears, Campfire and More!

If you love the outdoors and are looking for a way to remember that love forever, then you’ll love this massive list of camping and nature tattoo inspiration! I have tried to organize the tattoos the best I can using main and sub categories so that it’s easier to find what you need. Here we go – this guide is split into camping tattoos and nature tattoos! Take me to CAMPING Tattoo Ideas Take me to NATURE Tattoo Ideas P.S. if you see any of these tattoos that you are … Read more

Best Kayak Camping Gear | 19 Items You Can’t Go Kayaking Without

How much you enjoy your kayak camping trip can depend a lot on what gear you pack. Pack too little of the wrong stuff and it’s easy to end up sunburnt, blistered, and hungry.  Pack the right kayak camping gear and you’ll stay safe and have a blast! In addition to the basics like a kayak, first aid kit, sleeping bag, and other basic camping gear, what else should you bring along to help you enjoy your trip? Here are my top picks. About this Gear Just to be clear… … Read more

Follow These 7 Leave No Trace Principles for Kayaking and Kayak Camping

how to leave no trace while kayak camping

As more and more people are spending time outdoors kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding, it’s more important than ever that all of us paddlers learn how to “Leave No Trace”.  All outdoor activities can take their toll, but waterways and shorelines are teeming with life and are especially delicate. And although we want to have an awesome time boating, we can’t do it at the expense of mother nature. That’s where Leave No Trace principles can help.  Although the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics promotes their Leave No … Read more

Ultimate Kayak Camping Checklist + FREE Downloadable Gear Lists

free checklists to get ready for first kayak camping trip

Anytime you’re getting ready for a new adventure–like kayak camping–checklists can be a lifesaver, literally! It’s sooooo frustrating to spend so much time packing only to find out (once you’re in the middle of nowhere) that you forgot one or two essential items.   No big deal if all you forgot was your salt or camp pillow. But a kayak camping trip can go downhill (or downstream) real fast if you forget something important–like a lighter, water filter, or toilet paper! So to help you avoid those sticky situations, here are … Read more

7 Tips for Kayak Camping Safety | Stay Safe on the Water

Kayak camping is loads of fun… as long as you stay safe.  A relaxing weekend trip on the waterways can go downhill fast. All it takes is one bad decision, a forgotten safety essential, and an unexpected thunderstorm to turn a kayaking trip into your personal reenactment of the old movie “River of No Return”. You don’t want that! So whether you’re preparing for your first kayak camping trip or you’re an old pro, you need to follow these kayak camping safety tips.  So take 5 minutes and review these … Read more

How to Filter Water While Kayak Camping | Best Water Filters for Kayaking

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Isn’t that kind of how you feel while on a kayak camping trip? You’ve got water all around you, but you still need to use a water filter or water purifier to get clean drinking water while kayaking. Gone are the days when you could just reach into the river next to your kayak, scoop up a cup of water, and take a drink.  Try that now and your kayak camping trip will likely get really uncomfortable, really fast.  So what … Read more

Camp Cooking for Kayakers | Your Kayak Camping Kitchen Guide

Are the waterways beckoning? As you’re planning on graduating from kayaking day trips to overnight kayak camping, one of the first things you need to think about is your kayak camping kitchen.  You don’t have to survive on just boring trail mix and cardboard-like granola bars. After a long day of paddling, you actually sit down to a decent meal. In this guide, you’ll learn all the basics about camp cooking for kayakers. As you’ll see, the food and gear you pack on overnight kayak trips is very similar to … Read more

Kayak Camping Destinations – 5 of The Best Places for Your First Overnight Kayak Trip

Love heading out on the lake with your friends, family, and a couple of kayaks?  Or maybe you just finished a Kevin Bacon movie marathon that ended with White Water Summer and you’re feeling a little inspired to look for some kayak camping destinations? Whatever your reasons for wanting to try kayak camping, choosing the right place for an overnight kayak trip is just as important as making sure you’ve packed your kayaks properly with all your needed gear. Choosing the right destination can help ensure your first overnight trip … Read more

How To Pack Your Kayak For a Camping Trip – Complete Guide + BONUS Packing List

how to pack a kayak for camp

You’ve got your boat and a location scouted for your camping trip, and now it’s time to pack your kayak for camping. So start strapping stuff to the outside of your kayak, cramming food in the hatches, and whatever doesn’t fit, just add it to the ginormous backpack you’ll be carrying. Whoa… slow your roll. That’s a good way to end up with a top-heavy, out of trim kayak that’s impossible to control. Packing your kayak for camping takes time and practice – especially if it’s your first kayak camping … Read more