67 Camping and Nature Tattoo Ideas – Tents, RVs, Bears, Campfire and More!

If you love the outdoors and are looking for a way to remember that love forever, then you’ll love this massive list of camping and nature tattoo inspiration!

I have tried to organize the tattoos the best I can using main and sub categories so that it’s easier to find what you need.

Here we go – this guide is split into camping tattoos and nature tattoos!

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P.S. if you see any of these tattoos that you are the artist of, feel free to leave a comment so that I can link to your shop/location/socials!

67 camping and nature tattoo ideas pinterest

Camping Tattoo Ideas

Whether you want a simple campfire tattoo or a complex color design, here are some beautiful camping themed tattoo ideas to check out!

All camping tattoo category ideas

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35 camping and tattoo ideas pinterest

Campfire Tattoos

campfire tattoo with tent
via D. Powell
simple tent and campfire scene
via J. Hill
campfire and pines tattoo arm
color campfire
via S. Ricks
moon pine and campfire tatoo
moon mountains tent and campfire tattoo on arm
bonfire scene with friends
black and white campfire
minimalist camping tattoo
camping lantern tattoo color
Not a campfire, but an awesome lantern that puts out light as well!
simple camping tattoo on leg

RV and Tent Tattoo Ideas

There’s always that one campsite that you wish you could just remember forever… well you can with a tattoo! Capture that feeling forever with these cool camper and tent tattoo themed tattoos!

RVs and Campers

color vintage camper tattoo forearm
caming and hiking scene full color sleeve
life is good simple camping tattoo minimal
black and white camper tattoo wanderlust
minimal rv camper tattoo shoulder
minimal camper tattoo color on leg
black and white minimalist camper tattoo simple
vintage camper tattoo not all who wander are lost

Tent tattoo ideas

color tent tattoo shoulder
color tent, campfire and mountains tattoo
camping scene in mason jar tattoo
womens tent scene tattoo shoulder
home is where your heart is color tent tattoo
tent choose your wings tattoo
minimal simple tent and campfire hand tattoo

Quirky and FUN – Pets, UFOS, Bigfoot and more!

simple cat ufo and camper black and white tattoo
dogs and camper simple black and white tattoo
via. A. Bourdelais
bigfoot adventure is out there tattoo calf black and white
bigfoot trees and ufos black and white believe tattoo
bigfoot in trees silhouette
finger missing from camping accident oops tattoo on hand
This person lost his finger in a camping accident… and so added the “oops” as a joke! LOL

Nature Tattoo Ideas

If you love camping, no matter in an RV or a tent, it’s also likely that you love nature! These nature tattoos feature landscapes, animals (bears and wolves especially!) and some pretty awesome full color scenes.

Nature tattoo categories

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35 nature tattoo ideas pinterest

General Nature

trippy color mushrooms butterfly and snail tattoo women forearm
womens nature shoulder tattoo with skull made out of nature
feminine minimal shoulder nature tattoo with mountains
color moon phases tattoo on forearm
moon cabin and mountains minimal nature tattoo
mountains arrow and tree forearm tattoo minimal simple

Compass and “Not all who wander…” tattoos

womens camping tattoo with compas and mountains
via S. Haskin
not all who wander are lost black and white compass tattoo
color and compass on back of calf tattoo
compass with nature scene inside tent mountains and campfire
owl and compass
lose yourself in nature and find peace womens shoulder nature tattoo

Motherly Nature Based Tattoos (Mama Bear, Gaia etc)

gaia mother earth hugging earth with planets around her
mama fox and and baby fox with flowers nature womens tattoo inner arm
mama and baby bear color tattoo on arm with rock border

Nature landscape tattoos

realistic color kayaking tatooo with frame forearm
landscape tattoo  with frame of favorite camping spot
mountain cabin black and white shoulder tattoo
color beach tattoo on leg
full color mountain and lake scene with eagle in mountains back shoulders tattoo men
mountains nature tattoo on side of foot black and white

Animal Tattoos (Bear, deer, hunting fishing etc)

bow hunting deer tattoo shoulder mens
fishing scene with bear black and white landscape tattoo realistic on  arm
fishing camp tattoo black and white
black and white deer in pine forest on forearm tattoo
nature sleeve with wolf and mountains
wolf thigh tattoo
skeltal black and white raven tattoo
snake deer skull pronghorn badger and rattlesnake nature tattoo ideas
simple pines and bear outline
realistic black and white grizzly bear tattoo with wood frame
color ancestral bear tattoo

Have an awesome camping or nature tatttoo and want to share your idea/artist?

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