7 Tips for Kayak Camping Safety | Stay Safe on the Water

Kayak camping is loads of fun… as long as you stay safe.  A relaxing weekend trip on the waterways can go downhill fast. All it takes is one bad decision, a forgotten safety essential, and an unexpected thunderstorm to turn a kayaking trip into your personal reenactment of the old movie “River of No Return”. You don’t want that! So whether you’re preparing for your first kayak camping trip or you’re an old pro, you need to follow these kayak camping safety tips.  So take 5 minutes and review these … Read more

How to Filter Water While Kayak Camping | Best Water Filters for Kayaking

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Isn’t that kind of how you feel while on a kayak camping trip? You’ve got water all around you, but you still need to use a water filter or water purifier to get clean drinking water while kayaking. Gone are the days when you could just reach into the river next to your kayak, scoop up a cup of water, and take a drink.  Try that now and your kayak camping trip will likely get really uncomfortable, really fast.  So what … Read more

Camp Cooking for Kayakers | Your Kayak Camping Food & Meal Guide

Are the waterways beckoning? Ready to graduate from kayaking day trips to overnight kayak camping? One of the first things you need to think about is your kayak camping kitchen and the food you’ll need to bring. Don’t worry, you don’t have to survive on just boring trail mix and cardboard-like granola bars. After a long day of paddling, you actually sit down to a decent meal. In this guide, you’ll learn all the basics about camp cooking for kayakers. As you’ll see, the food and meals you prepare on … Read more

Best Kayak Camping Trips – 5 Places for Your First Overnight Kayaking Trip

Love heading out on the lake with your friends, family, and a couple of kayaks?  Or maybe you just finished a Kevin Bacon movie marathon that ended with White Water Summer and you’re feeling a little inspired to take a kayak camping trip? Whatever your reasons, choosing the right place for an overnight kayak trip is just as important as making sure you’ve packed your kayaks properly with all your needed gear. Choosing the right destination can help ensure your first overnight trip is a fun and relaxing journey where … Read more

Packing a Kayak For Camping | Complete Guide + BONUS Packing List

how to pack a kayak for camp

Updated January, 2022 You’ve got your boat and a location scouted for your camping trip, and now it’s time to start packing your kayak for camping. Is it time to start strapping stuff to your kayak, cramming food in the hatches, and whatever doesn’t fit, just add it to the ginormous backpack you’ll be carrying. Whoa… slow your roll. That’s a good way to end up with a top-heavy, out of trim kayak that’s impossible to control. Packing a kayak for camping takes time and practice – especially if it’s … Read more

8 Best Kayaks for Kayak Camping 2021 | Complete Guide

Want to try a new camping adventure? What about kayak camping? While it’s similar in some ways to backpacking, instead of depending on your feet and a trail to get you where you’re going, you depend on your trusty kayak and the open waterways.  Just imagine finding hidden campsites tucked along the riverbed, being able to camp on an island, and falling asleep to the relaxing sound of the water! It’s a super fun way to spice up your camping adventures and it all starts with choosing the right kayak … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Your First Kayak Camping Trip (+Packing List)

Rv camping… check. Tent camping…check. Backpacking…check. Kayak camping… hmmmm, not yet. If you’ve never gone kayak camping, it’s time for a new adventure. The cool waters and remote river islands are beckoning, so grab your paddles and let’s go! Not so fast… First, you need to read through this ultimate guide for camping with kayaks (if you’re a canoe family, don’t worry, almost everything in this kayak camping guide also applies for canoe camping).  In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to plan your first kayak camping … Read more