The Best Toddler Sleeping Bags For Camping of 2022

If you’re going on a family camp trip with little ones, then it’s super important to ensure they stay warm and dry in a toddler sleeping bag!

It’s also really nice to get your toddler their own sleeping bag if you don’t go camping that often, and want to get them really excited about it! I know my little guy is 100 times more hyped up about doing something if he knows he has his own stuff he can use!

I’m going to review a couple of different types of toddler sleeping bags – the bargain pick (for if you only intend to go camping once or twice), a quality sleeping bag, and a super warm one! (Plus a few other options you can choose from.)

Here we go!

This article is going to focus on sleeping bags for camping (not the cutesy ones for sleepovers… those aren’t typically very useful for actual outdoor use during chilly nights!)

Open these guys up to read later if you plan on having an awesome camp trip with your toddler!


Big Agnes Sleeping Bag (In place of the Deuter Little Star)

I have heard lots of talk about the Deuter Little Star toddler sleeping bag because of the super handy feature of being able to adjust the size of the bag. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t carry it anymore and they don’t seem to ship this bag to the U.S. (all the stores that supplied it were foreign)

With that in mind, I found a cute and very functional toddler sleeping bag that will get the job done (and possibly better – this thing looks AMAZING!)

With adjustable sizes from 4’5″ to 5’6″ this is a good investment if you plan to camp with your toddler a ton, but don’t want to have to buy another new sleeping bag every two years!

It attaches to your sleeping pad via a half pad sleeve! (Warning: This does mean that you will need a sleeping pad as there is no material where its sleeve goes over the pad. This does save on weight though!)

deuter little star alternative sleeping bag that has adjustable lengths for toddler

Big Agnes Duster 15 Kids’ Synthetic Mummy Sleeping Bag

  • Adjustable length from 4’5″ to 5’6″
  • Only 2 lbs 14 oz and includes a mesh storage sack + nylon stuff sack
  • Rated for temps as low as 15 degrees F so it’s great for winter camping!
  • Tons of extra protection to prevent drafts in places such as the collar, wedge and zipper.
  • A half pad sleeve keeps the sleeping bag in place for your crazy moving toddler!

See it on Amazon now!

The Kelty Woobie

Kelty is a well-known brand in the camping world, and the quality doesn’t stop at adult camping gear – the kids’ gear is highly rated as well too! Their Woobie (I just love that name!) is one of the best toddler sleeping bags.

This sleeping bag for kids is designed for toddlers up to 4 1/2 feet tall, has a zipper on both sizes as well as a flip-down top panel making it super easy for them to get in and out of!

As with most Kelty sleeping bags, it’s insulated with “cloud loft” which is a synthetic material that keeps you cozy while still being easy to compress!

The foot box is comfy, and even the inside zipper has an insulating tab so that your kiddo isn’t touched by the cold metal at night!

One of the things I find my kids doing is using the Kelty Woobie sleeping bag at home. I have it folded up next to the couch and my kids use it on chilly evenings, for movie nights in front of the TV, and definitely at sleepovers with their cousins.

kelty woobie sleeping bag for toddlers

Kelty Woobie 30 Deg Short RH Sleeping Bag

  • Rated for use in as low as 30 degrees F
  • Dual zippers with tabs on both the inside and outside
  • For toddlers up to 4 feet tall (see below for bigger toddlers)
  • Total weight 2 lbs + includes a stuff sack

If your toddler is bigger than 4 ft (Mine is almost at that mark and he is turning 4) then you may want to look into the 4 ft 6 inches version of this sleeping bag here. It does cost a bit more, but it might be better to have years of use instead of trying to save money and having your toddler outgrow it in a season!

See it on Amazon now!

If you can’t find the Kelty Woobie 30, try the Kelty Kids Mistral 30. It’s a little bigger than the Woobie but shares a lot of the same features.

The Co-Sleep Camping Sleeping Bag / Comforter For Wiggly Toddlers!

The past two sleeping bags for kids I’ve recommended have been single mummy-style bags that, while very warm and light, leave no room for co-sleeping or much movement!

My little guy co-slept with me until he was 18 months (and honestly probably would’ve done so longer had I not been pregnant with twins and his kicks at night were getting VERY uncomfortable!) And I know many, many other parents who co-sleep at home or choose to while camping because of the convenience.

This can be helpful for toddlers who are nervous about doing something new, or just because it’s easier to have one bag for everyone!

This bag can also be zipped open to function as a sort of comforter blanket if your toddler is freaked out by the containment aspect of a sleeping bag.

P.S. Here is the liner that fits this sleeping bag (it adds an extra 10 degrees of warmth and makes it way easier to keep clean!)

co sleeping sleeping bag for camping with toddlers and kids use as camp blanket comforter too

TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag; Warm and Comfortable for Family Camping

  • Soft lining with an optional liner make this sleeping bag comfy and easy to maintain
  • Draft tubes in multiple spots keep the warm air in!
  • This sleeping bag is longer and wider than a queen size bed (94″ x 62″ total!) so there’s room for everyone!
  • Two different temperature options
  • Heavy duty (16.5 lbs!) and perfect for family camp trips!
  • Buy a second sleeping bag and create a GIANT sleeping bag by zipping them to the original bag!

See it on Amazon now!

A Few Other Options for the Best Toddler Sleeping Bag

If for whatever reason the ones above don’t work for you, here are a few other toddler sleeping bags you should try.

Kelty Callisto Kids 30

The Kelty Callisto kids is one of the best toddler sleeping bags for kids who don’t like to feel restricted. Its square, instead of mummy shape gives their little feet more room to move so they don’t feel so claustrophobic.

  • Fits toddlers up to 5ft tall
  • Rated to as low as 30 degrees F
  • Made with Kelty’s Cloudloft insulation
  • Unzip it completely to use it just as a blanket during warmer camping trips

Columbia Kid’s Shelton Park Mummy Sleeping Bag

Columbia, another big brand in the outdoor space, has their own version of a mummy bag for kids — the Kid’s Shelton Park And this one’s got some pretty cool features

  • Built-in carry bag so you never lose the stuff sack
  • Dual-sided, no-snag zipper
  • Machine washable
  • Hidden drawstring lets you cinch up the bottom so the bag will grow with your toddler
  • Comes in blue and purple colors

Big Mo 20 Wearble Sleeping Bag for Toddlers

Wearable sleeping bags aren’t just for babies. The Big Mo 20 Kids Sleeping Bag is made for 2-4 year old toddlers who need to stay warm but don’t like to be confined to a tight mummy bag.

  • 100% down fill
  • Temperature rating down to 20 degrees F
  • Only weighs 13 ounces
  • Closed sleeves for max warmth
  • Fleece zipper flap so they don’t feel the cold zipper on their skin

Some tips on how to get the most out of your toddler sleeping bags!

A kid-size sleeping bag works on the basic concept of having less space that your kiddo’s body needs to heat up! That’s why it’s important to get a proper fitting bag if you plan on camping in cool weather!

Now, if none of the bags above are in your budget there are a couple of modifications you can do to whatever current sleeping bag you have.

Let’s go over them!

Make sure you’re using a sleeping pad

You need a barrier between the bag and the ground (I’d say most sleeping bags are designed with the use of a sleeping pad in mind). These can be as cheap as this youth sleeping pad from Coleman!

You could also place the sleeping bag on a toddler camping bed (I wrote a review on the best toddler camping beds here!) Toddler-specific camping beds are nice because they often have built-in rails and provide more warmth than a typical sleeping pad!

sleeping pad essential for warmth for camping with toddlers in a sleeping bag

If you don’t have an appropriately sized sleeping bag for your toddler, you can cinch it up

Many people use the sleeping bag stuff sack to cinch tight the bottom of the sleeping bag to an appropriate length for their child. While this isn’t a perfect solution (there is after all all that unused space on the side) it sure as heck beats doing nothing!

Keep sleeping bags clean easier with a washable liner (because camping gets messy!)

While it’s a good idea to have a different outfit for sleep, sometimes it’s still hard to maintain full cleanliness when camping with the kids! Especially if you use it a ton!

Having a liner for your toddler’s sleeping bag is a helpful investment to save time and to increase the life of the sleeping bag. Multiple washes can eventually degrade the insulating materials and make them not as effective.

What’s your camp style with the kids?

All 3 of my kids co-slept with me for some period of time camping – my son till 18 months, and my twins until around 12 months. I loved it, but they move so much we had to get them their own space!

I hope this has helped you narrow down your choices to ensure a warm and cozy camping trip with your toddler!

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