Fun + Educational Pinecone Unit Study for Kids!

Kids will love to learn more about pinecones with this printable activity pack!

Since we live in Wyoming, we have a TON of pine trees and so.. lots of pinecones! My kids ask endless questions about them, so hopefully, this packet helps answer some of those (I learned something too!)

pinecone life cycle unit study activity pack for kids forest school or nature school

What’s included in this printable pinecone unit study

This seven page black and white PDF is formatted for 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper and has a mix of fun facts and games!

pinecone lifecycle unit study for kids

Pinecone facts for kids

Learn the various way pine cone seeds are spread and learn the full cucle of the pine seeds with an easy to understand graphic!

Color and cut out the cards that represent the various stages of the pinecone seed to get more familiar with it all!

worksheet for kids how pine cone seeds are spread
how to teach kids life cycle of pinecone with color in matching cards

Now practice by labeling the lifecycle, matching and more!

Using the two cut out activities, kids can practice labeling both the pinecone lifecycle and matching up the various names to the pictures on the sheet!

I plan on laminating a couple of the labeling activities once spring hits and trying to find as many stages of pinecones as we can!

labeling activity for pinecone life cycle printable pdf
forest school activities finding all stages of pinecone with activity pack

Ready to enjoy pinecones even more??

It’s SO fun to learn about something that you already enjoy – and for my three kids, it’s anything nature related! I had to take this opportunity to post a pic of my youngest when she was a baby…. playing with a pinecone while we were camping!

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baby play with pinecone in nature

Here are some more fun pinecone activities for kids!

Pinecones have been a STAPLE outdoor toy for us every time we camped ever since they were little (check the pictures!)

Here are a couple of super easy activities we loved doing with them when they were toddlers that might add some more fun to this unit study. I also included some pinecone firestarters kids can help with!

fun activities to do with pinecones for unit study

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