Find Your Camping Spirit Animal With This Fun Quiz!

Curious what your perfect camping style is? Then you’ll love this quick quiz and associated “spirit animal” result!

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There are 7 different camping spirit animals – each result has a corresponding picture to match and inspire you! Which one will you (and your friends) get?

What’s your camping spirit animal (leave it in the comments so we see what is most common!)

I got a sloth – unsurprising! I am known to take the slower more scenic route… or just hang at camp all day with a good book in my hammock!

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Camping Spirit Animal With This Fun Quiz!”

  1. so before I took the quiz I said, “My camping spirit animal is a Bear.” Took the test, and sure enough I am a bear when I go camping. It’s pretty accurate of a quiz though considering I feel like a bear while out in the woods.


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