Which Camp Critter Are You? Take the Quiz + Print Activities

If you’re looking for a fun personality game you can play at your next camp out, then you’ll love this camp critter personality quiz! You will be presented with 15 different camping situations and four different ways to respond – at the end, you will get your cute forest animal result and some bonus activities! This quiz has an awesome bonus – it is formatted so that it can optionally be printed and done right at camp! Just scroll to the bottom and look for the sign up link so … Read more

Which Iconic RV Character Are You? Take the Quiz!

Today I have another fun camping themed quiz – this time with 14 fun scenarios to discover which popular RV movie character you embody most! Are you the meticulous Bob Munro, the humorous Cousin Eddie, the compassionate Sam and Tusker, or the adventurous Nicky and Tacy? Who you *think* you are may differ from who you actually are! I know mine was not who I thought! Also – if you enjoy fun quizzes, check out these other camping themed ones! What Would You Do in These Camping Scenarios? Who Did … Read more

Are You an RV MASTER? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

Curious about how much you *really* know about RVing? With 20 multiple-choice questions covering a range of topics, from RV maintenance to camping etiquette, this quiz will cover all the must knows (and tell you the correct answer so you can learn if ya didn’t know!) After completing the quiz, you’ll discover just how well you fare in the world of RVing. But that’s not all – I’ve added a fun touch to your results. Each outcome will be accompanied by a cute frog picture, symbolizing your RV knowledge level. … Read more

Find Your Camping Spirit Animal With This Fun Quiz!

camping spirit animal quiz

Curious what your perfect camping style is? Then you’ll love this quick quiz and associated “spirit animal” result! Also, if you enjoy fun camping quizzes, you might enjoy this one “Are You an RV Master?”… no one has gotten 100% yet! There are 7 different camping spirit animals – each result has a corresponding picture to match and inspire you! Which one will you (and your friends) get? What’s your camping spirit animal (leave it in the comments so we see what is most common!) I got a sloth – … Read more