5 Hacks for Preparing Bottles when Camping With Your Baby!

Getting bottles ready for baby while camping isn’t as hard as you think!

The need for clean and easy to prepare bottles when camping with baby is intimidating to a lot of parents!

Don’t let it stop you from getting out; incorporate these tips on how to keep bottles clean and ready so you can take on those bigger hikes you’ve been thinking of!

This article is written assuming you DO NOT have hookups; that might mean you are tent camping, or RV camping but are somewhere where these amenities are not available. So I’m going to assume that you want to reduce your water usage and waste!

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how to make a bottle while camping with baby

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Picking the right bottle for your camping trip with your baby

I hope you are reading this before your baby has arrived, or perhaps in the beginning when they will still take any type of bottle.

Get a bottle with minimal parts!

I know we all get desperate and will try ANYTHING that might make the baby less fussy.

After all, I used Dr. Browns (that has like 5 small parts to clean inside) when they were super little in an attempt to solve their gas pain, as well as a couple of others.

However, I do have a couple recommendations for baby bottles that will make camping a whole lot easier. I look for bottles that have as few parts as possible, are wide enough to clean by hand, and not easily breakable.

Baby bottles used for camping - como tomo
 Como Tomo Bottles are AMAZING! They are made of silicone, super wide and easy to clean with the limited water access that camping brings!
playtex drop ins for going camping with a newborn baby
 Playtex Drop Ins are super easy to clean because they use a disposable liner! It’s good for gassy babies and you only have to clean the nipple!
brezza bottles for going on a camp trip with your baby or toddler
 Brezza Bottles – Similar to Como Tomo, but are made of plastic or glass. And they only have 2 pieces! I have not tried it, but it’s just another option that seems that would be a good fit for camping!

How to make a warm bottle quickly while camping with your baby

I don’t know about you, but the worst thing about bottles is the seemingly YEARS it takes for the bottle to get warm while your little one is wailing!

At home, we ended up getting this lifesaving bottle making device called a Brezza. It can literally make a bottle in 10 seconds, with the perfect amount of formula mixed in as well as being at the perfect temperature!

It’s safe to say we got a little spoiled… but with this method of bottle warming while camping, it’s hardly a difference!

This technique is great because the water will be warmed ahead of time and stored in a thermos so that there’s no scrambling for a warm bottle when baby gets hungry while camping!

  1. Boil water – As soon as you wake up in camp, get some water boiling. Not only will this sterilize it, but you can let it cool to the perfect temperature so that you can store it in a thermos!
  2. Get it a little warmer than you need, as it may cool throughout the day. Ideally, this water will last a couple of bottles. Don’t put it in super hot though, as it takes forever to cool down enough for your little to drink it when it comes time. Those thermoses do their job!
  3. Mix formula or heat milk with pre warmed water -Whenever you need a bottle, just use the pre-warmed and sterilized bottle from the thermos. Add some formula into the bottle and shake!
  4. Always double check the temperature of the bottle before giving it to baby!

If you are warming pumped milk, you could also just use this water to put in a container and warm up your milk with!

I suggest warming pumped milk up in a breast milk storage bag as it goes a lot faster that way! There is more surface area that water touches, and the bag is thinner!

how to warm a bottle for your baby while camping
 The Thermos I use to keep warm water ready at all times!

Keeping a bottle warm during your hike if you are away from camp

I love using coozies to keep a prepared bottle warm if I am going somewhere!

Depending on the shape of your bottle, just pick an appropriate coozie. It’s preferable that the coozie is a little bigger than the bottle so that it helps to keep more of the heat in!

Cleaning bottles while camping

The key to cleaning bottles easily while camping starts with the bottles themselves; pick a bottle with the minimal amount of parts as possible!

I have already listed some recommended bottles above, but if your baby is already in love with a different bottle, we can make it work!

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To clean your bottles:

  1. Boil a pot of hot water, and add a little soap.
  1. Let the bottles sit in there for a little bit, then take them out and scrub them.
  1.  Pour a trickle of clean water over them outside to get all the soap off, and use minimal amounts of water! (Your water tank and grey tank is only so big after all!)

I definitely suggest using something plant-derived and scentless; some soaps are better than others in terms of how they affect the soil!

If you do have a bottle that requires brushes and such, I’d suggest getting a compact brush!

Oxo has an “On the Go” set that even includes a drying rack, and it all folds up!

how to clean bottles when you're camping with a baby
 The bottle brush (Amazon’s Top Choice!) collapses down and fits into the carrying case, which is perfect for camping or hiking with your baby because it takes up so little space!

Drying and storing baby bottles in your camper / RV

This tip is more applicable to something with hard sides that can be modified – sorry tent campers!

As we all know, space is limited in a camper. All of it has to be organized very strategically, and I try to use horizontal space such as counters as little as possible!

That’s why I love a drying rack that can be mounted on the wall!

Another OXO product (I just love them; the designs are all clean, and easy to clean!) that is super helpful for camping with babies is a hanging bottle drying rack.

I like that it’s out of the reach of little hands, can’t get knocked over, and of course, doesn’t take up any valuable real estate on the table or sink area!

baby item needed for rv or camper camping, a bottle drying rack
 This bottle drying rack is great for use in a camper or RV since it can hang on the wall and not take up any counter space!

Do you feel ready to camp with your baby yet? 

Don’t feel intimidated! Your baby will appreciate all the fresh air and exploration that camping has! Bottles are just a minor bump, but with these tips you’ll be whipping up perfectly warm bottles in no time!

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