DIY Camping Craft Kits + 5 Educational Reasons to Craft while you Camp!

Tons of easy camping crafts, one small bag! (It’s worth packing!) While camping is exciting for everyone, there’s no denying that midday lull where it’s too hot to do much, and this is when I absolutely love to do some outdoor themed nature camping crafts! If I am on a shorter camp trip, it’s not as necessary since the “newness” of camping is still fresh, but once I’m 3 or 4 days in, sometimes it’s nice to break it up! I especially like to bring my camping craft kit if we … Read more

9 Best Dandelion Activities for Preschoolers and a FREE Printable Spring Dandelion Activity Book!

Dandelion Crafts with kids are the best way to welcome spring! A sure sign of spring and summer is those little yellow bursts of color in everyone’s yard! Though they might be the bane of many landscapers existence, dandelions have a ton of uses! And if you have kids, a perfect way to use those dandelions is through these cute and easy crafts; both edible and just for fun! Make some Dandelion Crafts! There are so many cute ways to make a dandelion, or heck, even dress up a dandelion! … Read more