Hand Print Campfire Craft – A Camping Keepsake!

campfire craft made out of handprints

Baby’s First Campfire Handprint Craft – a keepsake of the best camping tradition! If you love camping, you’ll love this keepsake of baby’s first campfire! Before the kids, my husband and I loved to get out! Hiking, fishing, you name it – if it was outdoors, we were there! Now with three kids, camping has become our go to outdoor activity. It’s cheap, easy (we got a pull behind camper!)  and all the kids are learning to love it. So of course, it’s become a big deal for each kid’s … Read more

DIY Kids Camping Tradition: A Creative Campsite Sign!

camping craft idea for toddlers, making a camp site sign

A new camping tradition to keep the kids busy: A DIY campsite sign! What better way to celebrate an adventure at a new campsite than to have your kids craft their own campsite sign! In the hecticness of setting up camp, my toddler often gets stir crazy and wants to help somehow. Unfortunately, there’s not much a two year old can do when it comes to unpacking and organizing. I needed something that would keep him busy and make him feel like he was contributing to our campsite set up. … Read more

DIY Camping Craft Kits + 5 Educational Reasons to Craft while you Camp!

Tons of easy camping crafts, one small bag! (It’s worth packing!) While camping is exciting for everyone, there’s no denying that midday lull where it’s too hot to do much, and this is when I absolutely love to do some outdoor themed nature camping crafts! If I am on a shorter camp trip, it’s not as necessary since the “newness” of camping is still fresh, but once I’m 3 or 4 days in, sometimes it’s nice to break it up! I especially like to bring my camping craft kit if we … Read more