Homemade DIY Strawberry Valentine Stampers Craft For Kids!

This cute kids DIY homemade valentine craft is made from strawberries, and is quick to make! Kids will love getting some sensory time in making this cute valentine card for grandma, mom, dad or teachers!

So ever since my Halloween apple stamping craft, I feel like I’ve been obsessed with making seasonal kids crafts that can be made with fruit and vegetables – and Valentines has been no exception (For Christmas I did a Sweet Potato Christmas Tree! =P ) I love using fruit because of the added sensory experience as well as the challenge it presents to hold the fruit the proper way to get the picture right! Also, not going to lie, I had to make a craft with a strawberry because of … Read more

Simple and FUN Autumn Leaf Crunch Craft for Preschoolers

easy autumn kids craft with leaves

This easy fall kids craft has real leaf crunching action that everyone will love! It’s a universal, all ages thing – we all love to stomp on crunchy leaves, so I thought it’d be a perfect activity to transition to a craft! Fall and pumpkins are kind of intertwined – as soon as September hits, pumpkins are being sold, flannel starts showing up, and the leaves start changing. Being SUPER into camping, it’s kind of bittersweet seeing those leaves fall. But, we had a great summer this year, and to … Read more

DIY Cute Sunflower Handprint Craft for Kids (Great Gift for Mom or Grandma!)

This easy DIY flower handprint craft is a perfect handmade gift for mom or grandma! I am absolutely obsessed with sunflowers, which is why I am so psyched to show you how to make this quick and easy sunflower handprint craft! My grandmother is visiting for my twins first birthday party (which, of course, in sunflower themed! :P) and my mom brought up that she would love a gift from the grandkids! She lives very far from us, so I wanted to do something handmade by the kids. Something unique, … Read more

Hand Print Campfire Craft – A Camping Keepsake!

campfire craft made out of handprints

Baby’s First Campfire Handprint Craft – a keepsake of the best camping tradition! If you love camping, you’ll love this keepsake of baby’s first campfire! Before the kids, my husband and I loved to get out! Hiking, fishing, you name it – if it was outdoors, we were there! Now with three kids, camping has become our go to outdoor activity. It’s cheap, easy (we got a pull behind camper!)  and all the kids are learning to love it. So of course, it’s become a big deal for each kid’s … Read more