DIY Cute Sunflower Handprint Craft for Kids (Great Gift for Mom or Grandma!)

This easy DIY flower handprint craft is a perfect handmade gift for mom or grandma!

I am absolutely obsessed with sunflowers, which is why I am so psyched to show you how to make this quick and easy sunflower handprint craft!

My grandmother is visiting for my twins first birthday party (which, of course, in sunflower themed! :P) and my mom brought up that she would love a gift from the grandkids!

She lives very far from us, so I wanted to do something handmade by the kids.

Something unique, as well as flowered themed, as both of us love flowers!

That got me thinking… let’s turn the kids’ hands into sunflowers!

I love painting the kids’ hands and feet and love thinking of new ways to make cute pictures out of them!

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Materials needed to make this cute handprint flower craft

This craft can be as easy or advanced as you like!

I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I always use things like glitter and canvas to really give it that extra punch!

Materials needed:

  • Paper or Canvas Board
  • Black, Yellow, and Green Paint (And a word color!)
  • Paintbrush
  • Glitter (optional)

How to paint your child’s hand for this sunflower handprint art!

Let me preface this by saying the older the child, the easier!

My toddler was WAY less difficult to get this done with (besides his need to apply an “extra” sunflower, as you’ll see in the finished product!)

If you are doing this with babies, you should definitly get a 2nd person if possible.

Being that there are two colors for this handprint craft, and the tendancy for babies to make a fist, it really makes for a hard time of getting the full, unblended handprint!

Just keep in mind, this IS kid’s arts and crafts, and mistakes are bound to happen!

  1. Paint child’s palm black.
    making handprint flower art with toddler
    This is my toddler’s hand being painted. Handprint art is WAY harder with babies – hence why it’s not pictured! 😛


  2. Paint on the yellow. Be sure to tell the child to not close their hands! If you are painting a baby’s hand.. try to have one person hold the tips of their fingers so as to prevent them from closing and mixing the colors!
    toddler handprint craft for mom or grandma making a sunflower
    Yellow for the petals, and black for the middle of this handprint flower craft!


  3. While trying to keep the hand as open as possible, firmly press it down! Make sure to account for extra space needed for any additional children! I did my toddler’s handprint first and positioned it in the middle so as to make it look even with my twins smaller handprints on the sides.
    making a sunflower craft with preschoolers or toddlers
    Such as handprint crafts with kids, especially toddlers! My guy liked his sunflower hand so much, he told me, AFTER the fact, that he wanted another one in the corner!


  4. Add additional handprints, paint stems and leaves, and include your message! I attempted stencils (the “WE” part) but found that it was hard to read, as well as not as personal! And I didn’t like the color. This is one of the few times I chose not to start over for the sake of it looking perfect, and just rolled with the multiple colors! Embrace the mistakes!
    flower handprint craft for kids for mom or grandma
    In all it’s mixed paint, different color glory, I present this cute handmade craft for mom or grandma! Or in my case, a handprint craft from the kids for GREAT grandma!

Pin this cute kid’s DIY handprint craft for mother’s day, or just for the next homemade birthday gift from the kids!

Anyone who loves flowers is sure to love this fun handmade craft from the kids! I might even make one for myself!

Enjoy summer and the iconic sunflower, a marker of summer time heat!

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