Cute and Easy DIY Fall Wreath Craft for Kids!

easy fall kids craft perfect for halloween

Celebrate the fall season with this cute and easy Halloween wreath craft for kids! With fall upon us, and Halloween approaching, I created this easy fall stamp wreath craft with my preschooler! So I first looked on Pinterest for some fall inspiration and found a ton of wreaths that you glue leaves onto. I tried that, and SERIOUSLY failed! At least my toddler did – I bet if he were older, he’d be able to get it more and put the leaves in the right spot. So I wanted to do … Read more

Simple and FUN Autumn Leaf Crunch Craft for Preschoolers

easy autumn kids craft with leaves

This easy fall kids craft has real leaf crunching action that everyone will love! It’s a universal, all ages thing – we all love to stomp on crunchy leaves, so I thought it’d be a perfect activity to transition to a craft! Fall and pumpkins are kind of intertwined – as soon as September hits, pumpkins are being sold, flannel starts showing up, and the leaves start changing. Being SUPER into camping, it’s kind of bittersweet seeing those leaves fall. But, we had a great summer this year, and to … Read more