10 Best Off Road Camper Trailers Under $10,000

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Take some rugged charisma, add a touch of comfort, and throw in a fistful of practicality… what do ya get? An off-road camper trailer!

For those of us who like to venture off the beaten path, an off road trailer expands our cargo carrying capacity, gives us a safe place to sleep at night, and sometimes even a galley! Here’s the list with 10 super cool offroad camper trailers that start at under $10,000. 

There’s no galley, no fancy gear racks, no onboard water heater. Just a hard-walled, insulated, go-anywhere off road teardrop. A few things that set it apart are its independent suspension for smooth riding even at high speeds.

Sunnyside OffRoad Boony Stomper

Source: Sunnyside Offroad

The Oregon Trailer DO-Drop is simple, lightweight (starting at 550 lbs), and affordable. The base model is rugged enough for some soft off-roading on dirt roads.

Oregon Trailer DO-Drop

Source: Oregon Trailer

For the base price of $8,500 you get nice features you normally find on more expensive models, like a 3-axis Lock “N” Roll Coupler Hitch, poly tongue box, a full-extension sliding cargo tray, and LED lighting.

Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3

Source: HEO

Hiker offers tons of upgrade and customization options like gear racks, interior lighting, solar panels, heating, battery inverters, and cabinets.

Hiker Mid-Range or Mid-Range XL Off-Road

Source: Hiker Trailers

This one was definitely built for the minimalist. It’s got a hard-sided cabin, a rear hatch storage area, and a flat front storage platform. If you’re a handy DIYer, this makes a nice starting point for adding some of your own customizations.

TC Teardrops Oasis

Source: TC Teardrops

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