10 Best Off Road Camper Trailers Under $10,000 | Video Tours!

Take some rugged charisma, add a touch of comfort, and throw in a fistful of practicality… what do ya get? An off-road camper trailer!

For those of us who like to venture off the beaten path, an off road trailer expands our cargo carrying capacity, gives us a safe place to sleep at night, and sometimes even a galley!

But if you’ve started looking at the best off road camper trailers, you know they’re not cheap. And that’s to be expected since they need a beefed up construction that won’t fall apart after going over a pothole or two or 200 😜. 


But can you really get off-road camper trailers under $10,000? 

Fortunately, YES! 

Granted, they’re getting harder to find, especially in these last few years with supply chain disruptions. A lot of off-road trailers that were under $10,000 a year or two ago have gone up in price and didn’t make it on this list. 😥 But don’t worry, there are still a few out there!

Before we get to the list of the 10 best off-road camper trailers, it’s good to know exactly what you’re looking for.

What to Look For in a Budget-Friendly Off Road Camper

Here are two of the biggest questions you need to consider while checking out off road campers for sale.

How Rugged Does it Really Need to Be?

Depending on who you are, “off-roading” could mean spending a day or two on relatively smooth dirt roads and forest trails or it could be rock-crawling in the middle of the desert. 

A good rule of thumb is to look for an off-road trailer that matches the capabilities of your towing vehicle. 

Planning on pulling it with your Rav4? Then you probably don’t have to worry about getting an off-road camper with an articulating hitch, long-travel suspension, or huge off-road tires. 

But if your towing vehicle is something like a Land Cruiser or Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, then you should definitely opt for the extra off-road packages. 

Do You Need It Mainly for Gear Hauling or Sleeping + Cooking?

What are you looking to gain with an off-road trailer? Try to define your priorities by asking yourself…

  • Do I mainly need extra cargo space? In that case, your best bet might be a trailer with space for a rooftop tent.
  • Do I want a place to sleep? Then go for an off-road teardrop or a trailer that comes with a rack for a rooftop tent.
  • Do I want my trailer to double as my kitchen? A teardrop with a rear kitchen area will work nicely. Or look for a trailer with built-in kitchen slide-outs and space for a cooler/fridge and stove.

Now that we’ve got that squared away, here’s the list with 10 super cool offroad camper trailers that start at under $10,000. 

List of the 10 Best Off Road Camper Trailers Under $10,000

Two things to keep in mind as you look over this list!!!

  1. The prices I mention are the starting price for the base model. Add a few accessories or go with a bigger size and you’ll quickly go over $10,000.
  2. These aren’t in any special order (best to worst, biggest to smallest, fattest to skinniest, etc.) 🤪

Although I do have to say that this first one made it to the top of the list because it’s got such a cool name… “The Boony Stomper”!

Sunnyside OffRoad Boony Stomper

Sunnyside OffRoad Boony Stomper
Source: Sunnyside Offroad

Best for: Stompin’ around the boonies!😎

Base Price: $8,350 (Might be a bit more now. They don’t publish a current price on their site.)

If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight, no-frills off-road teardrop under $10,000 that’ll give you a place to sleep just about anywhere, this is it. 

There’s no galley, no fancy gear racks, no onboard water heater. Just a hard-walled, insulated, go-anywhere off road teardrop. 

A few things that set it apart are its independent suspension for smooth riding even at high speeds, and its small size that you can pull with just about any vehicle…even a UTV!

Check out Sunnyside’s official Boony Stomper video.

Oregon Trailer DO-Drop

Oregon Trailer DO-Drop
Source: Oregon Trailer

Best for: Budget-conscious campers who aren’t planning any serious off-roading.

Base Price: $6750 

The Oregon Trailer DO-Drop is simple, lightweight (starting at 550 lbs), and affordable. The base model is rugged enough for some soft off-roading on dirt roads. But for $460 you can add off-road wheels and tires. For another $1500, get off-road suspension and an enhanced chassis system for extra off-road capabilities. 

Even with those extras, you’re still well under $10,000!

If you want an extremely capable off-roading teardrop and are willing to go over your $10,000 budget just a bit, go with the DO-Drop ALPHA. It starts at $10,750 and is their most capable off-road camper trailer. It comes ready to go with an off-road chassis, long-travel off-road suspension, off-road tires and wheels, and a custom heavy-duty gear rack system.

Oregon Trailer DO-Drop cheap offrod camper
Source: Oregon Trailer

Watch a DO Drop ALPHA video tour.

Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3

Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3 cheap boondocking camper
Source: HEO

Best for: Campers who need a secure place to haul extra gear.

Base Price: $8,500 

The base models of some off-roading trailers are so bare-bones, they’re basically just a box with wheels. That’s not the case with the HEO T3. 

For the base price of $8,500 you get nice features you normally find on more expensive models, like a 3-axis Lock “N” Roll Coupler Hitch, poly tongue box, a full-extension sliding cargo tray, and LED lighting. 

Pop a roof top tent on the top and you’re ready to go.

Watch an HEO T3 walkaround video.

Hiker Mid-Range or Mid-Range XL Off-Road

hiker xl offroad budget friendly option for boondocking camper
Source: Hiker Trailers

Hiker Mid-Range

Best for: Dirt & gravel roads with a few potholes and ruts.

Base Price: $7,250

Hiker Mid-Range XL Off-Road

Best for: A bit more space and moderate off-roading.

Base Price: $8,850.00

I put these two together since they’re from the same company and share a lot of the same features. 

Like a lot of the options on this list, the base models are, well…basic. But Hiker offers tons of upgrade and customization options like gear racks, interior lighting, solar panels, heating, battery inverters, and cabinets. 

Add some racks and these give you a really nice combination of a place to sleep along with extra cargo space.

Watch the official Hiker Trailers Mid-Range XL Off-Road video.

And here’s a walkaround tour of a Hiker Mid-Range.

TC Teardrops Oasis

tc teardrop oasis
Source: TC Teardrops

Best for: A solid base for light off-roading you can build on later. 

Base Price: $5,200 (The cheapest off-road camper trailer on this list.)

This one was definitely built for the minimalist. There’s no electricity, no mattress, no cabinets, no-frills. 

It’s got a hard-sided cabin, a rear hatch storage area, and a flat front storage platform. If you’re a handy DIYer, this makes a nice starting point for adding some of your own customizations. 

Sorry, no video tour for this one. 😥 It’s pretty simple and straightforward though. There’s not much a video could show you that you can’t see in the pictures on their site.

TC Teardrops ORE Off Road Edition 

tc teardrops offroad edition budget for boondocking review
Source: TC Teardrops

Best for: Those who want a true off-road-ready teardrop trailer.

Base Price: $9,100

With standard all-terrain tires, Jeep-style fenders, and a diamond plate undercarriage, this baby’s ready for some serious off-roading — no upgrades required. 

If you do want to spring for some upgrades, you can quickly turn this little guy into a full-on overlanding base camp for spending weeks off-grid. Choose options like:

  • Propane tanks
  • On-demand hot water heater
  • Road shower and water storage
  • Solar panels, batteries, inverters
  • Awnings + tents
  • 12V coolers
  • Bunk beds
  • Over 200 different side color options

Check out a video walkthrough of the largest 5×10 model. (The 5×10 starts at $11,300)

TenTrax Ascend

tentrax ascend small boondocking trailer
Source: TenTrax

Best for: Those who want a ready-to-go-anywhere trailer and a place to sleep.

Base Price: $7,995

Although its base price isn’t the cheapest of all the options on this list, this is the only non-teardrop off road trailer that includes a roof-top tent! Considering that most roof-top tents cost $1,000 or more, the sub-$8,000 base price seems even better!

And even the base model comes standard with 31” all-terrain tires and wheels, a frame-mounted front rack, a lid-mounted roof rack, and a heavy-duty 1,800-lb Dexter Torflex axle. 

ruggged small boondocking camper tentrax
Source: TenTrax

Watch the official Tentrax Ascend demo video.

Big Franks Outdoors Vintage Trailer Works Command Camp

Big Franks Outdoors Vintage Trailer Works Command Camp
Source: Big Franks Outdoors

Best for: Those who want a capable teardrop right from the factory.

Base Price: $8,995

The Command Camp is ready for the trails right from the factory. It comes standard with all-terrain tires, a 3500-lb Flexi Ride torsion axle, and an Easy-Up galley hatch with gas shocks. 

And Vintage Trailer Works gives you plenty of upgrade options to turn this into a serious off-roader—from multi-axis hitches to AC/heating units to electric brakes to an AWB awning.

Check out a Command Camp walk-around tour.

Smittybilt SCOUT Trailer

Smittybilt SCOUT Trailer
Source: Smittybilt

Best for: Mechanically inclined campers who want an extremely capable trailer with tons of standard options.

Base Price: $7,609.99 (Depending on where you order it from.)

Why mechanically inclined? Because it gets shipped to you in pieces and you have to put it together (preferably with a buddy, a pizza, and a beer or two).

But if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll get one of the best off-road trailers with standard features you won’t find on most others. In fact, the standard features are the only features—there’s no possibility to upgrade anything from the factory. 

But for less than $8,000 you get:

  • 3 off-road wheels and tires
  • Electric brakes
  • Heavy-duty independent off-road suspension
  • Ridiculous ground clearance
  • Tongue box storage
  • Kitchenette compartment with 100-lb capacity drawer
  • Generator compartment
  • Telescoping rack system ideal for rooftop tents
  • 33 cubic feet of storage (which according to their video can hold 3700 marshmallows 🤔)

Watch the official SCOUT video.

Bivouac Camping Trailers (BCT) Moab Fort

Bivouac Camping Trailers (BCT) Moab Fort
Source: BCT

Best for: Off-roaders who need a nimble trailer that’s capable just about anywhere. 

Base Price: $9,795

For just under $10,000 you can get a rugged and capable camper trailer that can hold up to the roughest of overlanding adventures. It comes standard with 10” electric drum brakes, 31” all-terrain tires, Jeep-style fenders, and an interior storage capacity of almost 40 cubic feet. 

See it in action with this video from MOAB Trailers.

2 Adventure Trailers that Used to Be Under $10,000

Here are a few trailers that used to be under $10,000 but are now a little more expensive.

Sylvansport Go – Now starts at $10,995

slyvansport go
Source: Sylvansport

The Sylvansport Go is definitely not a rugged off-roader for harsh conditions, but it’s a great adventure trailer to pair with a small SUV or crossover.

TAXA Woolly Bear – Now Starting at $11,800.30

taxa wooly bear
Source: TAXA Outdoors

The Woolly Bear is more than just a rugged box with wheels. It’s a purpose-built basecamp trailer with a full-size outdoor kitchen, pull-out cooler drawer, and roof top tent platform. 

You made it to the end of the list! 🎉🎉💥 

Maybe you’ve got a few more questions like…

Budget Off-Road Camper Questions

Can I Make a DIY Off-Road Camper for Under $10,000?

Yes, you probably can. With a rugged utility trailer as a base, a few power tools, and some building skills you can DIY an off-road camper trailer for a few grand. Here are a few videos for some inspiration.

Which Is the Best Roof Top Tent for My Off-Road Trailer?

A lot will depend on the size of your trailer and how many will be sleeping in it. Check out my article with some of the top rooftop tents you can get for your off road trailer or overlanding vehicle. (*Be sure to check out the iKamper tents, they’re super nice!)

What Is the Cheapest Off Road Camper?

Probably one you build yourself. If you’re talking about factory-made campers, then it would be between the $5,200 TC Teardrops Oasis for moderate dirt roads or the $7,995 TenTrax Ascend for true go-anywhere capabilities and the built-in tent.

What Is the Best Offroad Camper Trailer?

That’s a tough question. It depends on what you need it for and where you’ll go with it. If you’ve got money coming out the wazoo and are ready to head off-grid, here are two adventure-ready campers that are pretty awesome.

Campworks Nomadic System One

This off-road teardrop sets the bar high (and also the price—it starts at $40,000). But it’s not every day you can get a fully solar-powered off-grid teardrop camper with an induction cooktop, 2” of 4-season insulation, 6” queen size mattress, and available packages for foodies, digital nomads, and glampers. 

Campworks Nomadic System One
Source: Campworks

Opus OP15

The Opus OP15 gives you the comforts of most normal travel trailers with some serious off-roading capabilities—all for a starting price of about $60,000.

Opus OP15
Source: Opus

Which of These Off-Road Camper Trailers Is the One for You?

You’ve got $10,000 to burn. Which off-road trailer is yours? Are you gonna go with the simple but capable Boony Stomper? Or maybe the rugged and well-equipped TenTrax Ascend? 

Whichever you go with, don’t forget to share some crazy off-road camping stories with me on Instagram or Facebook. I love swapping stories with fellow campers!

And don’t forget to check out my other RV, travel trailer, and overlanding articles like:

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