Complete Guide to the Dreaded Poop Tank

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

Time to talk about everyone’s favorite part of RV life… poop tanks!! Whether you like it or not, if you’re an RVer, you’re going to have to deal with your own waste face to face.

I’ll answer all your questions about RV black water tanks, plus fill  you in on my top tips for dealing with these darn stinking tanks. Alright, let’s go!

In RVs the black water tank is located under the carriage next to the  gray water tank and holds all the waste from your RV toilet!

What Is an RV Black Water Tank?

This really varies based on how often you use the RV toilet, and how many people are living in the RV.

How Often Should I Empty My Camper’s Black Water Tank?

You can dump your black water tank at campgrounds, some gas stations and travel centers, and some rest areas.

Where Can I Dump My Tanks?

Dumping the black water tank is really not as stinky or  messy as you might think. Unless you do something really wrong, you  won’t get poo on your hands.

How Do I Dump the Black Water Tank?

Portable RV waste tanks, AKA honey wagons, are not a necessity by any means, and you can always get away without one.

Should I Use Portable RV Waste Tanks (Honey Wagons)?

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