21+ Awesome Baby Sleep Tips That You Might Not Have Heard Of

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

One of these baby sleep tips may just be the weird trick that finally gets your baby to sleep (a little longer!)

Here’s all the things I’ve heard of or tried when it comes to baby sleep. I really hope that one of these is new to you so that you have another tool in your box!

The half life of coffee in a newborn is 96 hours, so imagine the build up that happens after a couple cups a day!

Reevaluate your coffee intake if you’re breastfeeding

When you’re trying to calm an upset baby, pat them in a heart beat pattern that matches the pace of what their heartbeat is.

The heartbeat pat

Babies do hear a lot in the womb, so to hear complete silence when they come out is alarming to them!

In the beginning, don’t try to stay quiet!

There are plenty of on the go white noise devices that are perfect for car seats, as well as stuffies that have all kinds of sound options.

White noise (later on)

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