RV Kids Bunk Room Ideas PERFECT for Families

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

So you got the perfect RV that includes bunk room – now how do you make it a perfect spot for the kids?

With 3 kids myself, I LOVE seeing and sharing ideas on how to convert  the bunk space into a super functional but FUN area (that has more uses  than just sleeping!)

It can be hard to balance hobbies and decor preferences with more than one kid in such a small space.

Modern Bunkroom with 2 Beds and Room for Hobbies

I love how open this layout is – I almost thought it was a toy hauler of sorts! It looks like there are three beds and some super well organized storage here.

Large Play Area With 3 Beds and Storage

I found this renovation idea in a Facebook group from Kirsten B. Did you notice those little pine trees on the wall?

Kids Bunk Room with 2 Beds, a Desk and Storage

I LOVE how this bland bunkroom got transformed into a bright, highly functional but personalized bunk house for the kids!

Personalized and Super Functional

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