9 Best Camping Kitchens for Cooking Anywhere!

Camp cooking…mmm, mmm, good! My mouth is literally starting to water right now as I’m thinking about s’mores, pancakes, grilled meat, mountain pies, and all that other yummy food you make while camping. 

But actually cooking all that in a camping kitchen can really be a chore. Camp kitchens just don’t have the same conveniences as your home kitchen.


Large double bowl sink with on-demand hot water…nope.

6-burner stove with oven…sorry, no.

That’s where the best portable camping kitchens come in. They give you a convenient place for prep, cooking, and cleaning up so camp food can be enjoyable to make and eat!

Ready to take your camp kitchen to the next level? Here are 9 of my top picks for the best portable kitchens for camping.

portable kitchen reviews for camping

Top Picks

Let’s get started with a few of my top picks.

Includes a Table – GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen
Source: Amazon

This portable kitchen is super-versatile, folds up easily, and is about as sturdy as a folding contraption like this can get. From a paper towel holder to a sink to a lantern holder, this has got everything you need for camp cooking success. 

And best of all…it’s not the most expensive option on my list. YES!

See the full review below or check the price now.

Packs Well/Self Contained – Chuck Box Camp Kitchen from Yoke Outdoors

chuck box camp kitchen yoke outdoors
Source: yokeoutdors.com

This is the PERFECT multi use camp kitchen! No more bumped propane, lost dishes, or spilled silverware. EVEYTHING you need to cook at camp can be stored inside this durable chuck box – even the double burner!

I love not having to find storage for all the cooking stuff like I would with other styles – it makes it way easier to go on a spur of the moment trips because I know everything is packed already.

See the full review below or check the current price now

Best on a Budget : Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

best budget camping kitchen Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen
Source: Amazon

For about $100 (a the time of writing), it’s hard to beat the ultra-portable and functional design of this portable camping kitchen. On one side you’ve got a workspace and on the other an adjustable rack that fits most 2-burner camp stoves. 

And when you’re all done, it folds up and fits inside the tabletop for easy storage and transportation.

See the full review below or check the current price now.

Ok, so those are the top picks that’ll work for most people. But some of us like options, right?! Here are longer reviews for each of the 3 top picks, plus a few more!

9 Top Portable Camp Kitchens Reviews for 2022

Here they are!

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen
Source: Amazon


  • Easy to set up
  • Built-in sink with a cover that doubles as a workspace
  • Plenty of handy shelves for storing smaller items
  • Heat-resistant aluminum countertops


  • Would be nice if the legs were adjustable

With this portable kitchen, everything you need for food storage, prep, cooking, and cleanup is right in front of you. While most lightweight folding workstations like these can be somewhat rickety, this one is surprisingly stable. 

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen foldable for carrying
Source: Amazon

But I definitely think that the extra weight and size is worth it. The extra shelves underneath are convenient and the lower rack with a 35-lb weight limit is really nice for coolers or heavier food items. 

With a sink, dishes are way easier especially if you’re tent camping. And if you’re RVing and don’t need the sink, just flip a countertop section over it and you’ve got an expanded workspace. 

If you do a lot of cooking on this at night, you might want to figure out a way to extend the lantern holder. Depending on the type of light you have, the light may shine right in your eyes. 

The better option would be to get a light that just shines down toward your cooktop like this one.

Think this kitchen could be the one?

Check the price.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen (what we currently have!)

Source: yokeoutdoors.com


  • No need for an extra “camp kitchen” storage bin – this has space to store everything, including your burner!
  • Durable enough to live in your trunk so you’re ready to cook anywhere
  • Intuitively designed storage and organization accessories that just make sense for camp cookware
  • Lifetime Guarantee (and made in America!) – I absolutely love an American company who stands behind their work


  • Can be too low depending on the situation – This is obviously designed to set on a tailgate, picnic bench or table of sorts, so it may be short on it’s own if you don’t have those available to use.

Related – If you’re looking for more “all in one” styles like this, check out this list of awesome chuck box style camp kitchens!

Source: yokeoutdoors.com

For campers who like to go on spur of the moment trips, the Chuck Box ensures you are always ready to go! It’s designed so that everything you need to cook can be packed in the box itself, and then stored away neat and compact when no longer in use.

Source: yokeoutdoors.com

I really love how they thought of a a ton of the storage needs already (it comes with a tray, drawer, and lock in system for transit). I’ve seen other “chuck boxes” or DIYs about them, and it’s intimidating trying to create a system that is both organized and easy to use.

The fold out section at the front is just enough to do some food prep or serving on without needing an additional table too… sweet!

Check the Chuck Box price

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen
Source: Amazon


  • Lightweight – Just 14 lbs
  • Comes with practical accessories like a lantern holder and utensil hooks
  • Everything fits inside the table for easy transportation


  • Some stoves may not fit on the crossbars

The Coleman Pack-Away kitchen is one of the most portable and wallet-friendly kitchens on my list. That means that you can’t expect this one to be as stable as some of the larger and more expensive options, but it’s still surprising what you get for just $100.

portable kitchen for camping bbq coleman
Source: Amazon

This portable kitchen forgoes a flat counter space for your camp stove and instead gives you an adjustable rack that fits most two-burner stoves and medium-sized coolers. This helps save weight while still giving you plenty of space for cooking. 

There’s also a mesh shelf (lightweight) underneath the main tabletop. It gives you some extra storage space or a handy spot for placing wet dishes and utensils while they dry.

*Note! – The pictures you see in the Amazon description are for an older model that’s a little different than the newer one. The new one doesn’t have the big cross braces under the main table.

When you’re done cooking your super-amazing camp meal, just fold everything up and stow it away inside the folding tabletop. It latches together to keep everything in place and is small enough that even if your camp gear is packed in a sedan, you can probably still find a place for this.

Does budget-friendly and super portable sound like your speed?

Check the current price now.

Coleman Pack Away Deluxe

Coleman Pack Away Deluxe with net, sink and shelves
Source: Amazon


  • Sturdy design
  • Removable sink for easy dish cleanup
  • Mesh wastebasket
  • 32-inch high counter is comfortable for most to work at


  • Paper towel holder suction cups don’t hold very well (Most campers just slide the roll of paper towels over the lantern pole!)
  • Lantern holder can’t handle heavy lanterns

If you liked the regular Pack-Away portable kitchen, but are fine with spending a little more for a larger and more stable cook area, go with the Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe. It’s got a thicker aluminum frame and a solid tabletop with backsplash, plus a few extra nifty features.

Check the current price here.

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Portable Cook Station

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Portable Cook Station
Source: Amazon


  • Budget-friendly price
  • One-piece construction just unfolds (nothing to put together)
  • Heat-resistant counter for camp stoves


  • While it’s a nice cook station, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for food prep

If you liked the GCI Master Cook portable kitchen, but don’t need the sink or quite that much space, go with this one. It features a similar, sturdy folding design in a compact size. 

When you’re putting some portable kitchens together it can feel like you’re assembling a rocket with all the pieces you have to put together. So if putting things together was never really your thing, you’ll like this kitchen. 

Its one-piece design unfolds in about 10-15 seconds…easy-peasy.

And once set up, this thing is sturdy enough that you can use it for more than just camping. Got a tabletop barbeque grill at home? You just found your new grill stand!

Check the current price here.

Ozark Trail Deluxe Camp Kitchen

Ozark Trail Deluxe Camp Kitchen
Source: Amazon


  • Zipper-up pantry to keep bugs and critters off your utensils
  • Removable wind guard for cooking on windy days
  • Sink and drying rack
  • Compact size


  • If you’re using a 2-burner stove you won’t have much leftover space on the countertop

Looking for a compact camping kitchen for just one or two people? This one’s a great choice. 

The countertop measures 19”x24”. If you’ve got a single burner stove you’ll have plenty of space for prep and cooking. And the 3-sided wind guard is really nice for protecting the flame on lightweight backpacking stoves. 

Related – Hate doing dishes at the campsite? The sink and drying rack make it a little easier. If you want to make it really easy, place your water jug with a spigot on top of the drying rack with the spigot facing the plastic sink, and BAM! You’ve got running water.

And while a lot of these portable camping kitchens leave your dishes and utensils out in the open for the bugs, squirrels, and raccoons to check out, this one’s got a nice zipper-close fabric storage compartment. 

Think this might be the one?

Check the price here.

Sylvansport Din-o-Max Outdoor Camp Kitchen

Source: Amazon


  • Visually appealing design
  • Surprisingly compact when stored
  • Sets up in just a few minutes
  • Perfectly compliments the Sylvansport GO pop up camper


  • A little pricey
  • At 45 pounds you’ll get a workout lugging this around

Turn any campsite into a gourmet kitchen with the Sylvansport Dine-o-Max! If your picnic table is getting used for other activities and you need lots of space for cooking and storage, this kitchen is a great choice. 

It’s got two large bamboo countertops with almost 9 square feet of workspace. Even the smaller tabletop is big enough to fit a normal 2-burner camp stove with room to spare. 

And kinda like the Ozark Trail camp kitchen, this one’s got a huge zipper-close storage space with water-resistant fabric for keeping all your pots, pans, and utensils safe and clean. Pretty sweet right?!

Check the price here.

Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table & Organizer

Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table & Organizer
Source: Amazon


  • Compact yet practical
  • Zippered storage compartments
  • Weighs just 13 pounds


  • Doesn’t do the best on uneven ground
  • 27 inches high is a tad short as a workspace (but not bad once you put a stove or grill on top)

Sure, the Camp Chef Sherpa doesn’t have as much space as some of the other camp kitchens on my list, but it’s actually super practical! 

It makes a great all-in-one kitchen kit for single people or couples. Just pack all your camp kitchen gear in the fabric organizers and anytime you feel like heading out for an impromptu camping trip, just grab this and go. 

camp chef sherpa camp organizer
Source: Amazon

The aluminum top is heat resistant so you can use it as a stand for your camp stove or grill. Plus, one of the organizers (the blue one), if fully lined so you can use it as a cooler or sink!

Check the price here.

PORTAL Outdoor Folding Portable Camping Table

PORTAL Outdoor Folding Portable Camping Table
Source: Amazon


  • Simple, small, easy to pack
  • Adjustable legs
  • Mesh shelf for utensils, towels, & other accessories


  • None of the fancy “kitchen” features like the other options

When searching for portable camping kitchens, don’t forget about a good ‘ole fashioned camping table. Well…with the aluminum construction, adjustable legs, and roll-top tabletop I wouldn’t exactly call this “old-fashioned”. 

But the point is…a regular folding table can work pretty darn well as a camp kitchen. And when you’re not camping it’s got like a bazillion other uses. Plus, it’s cheaper!

Just be careful with lightweight folding tables because some can be pretty flimsy if anything more than a fly sits on them. This one with its extra bracing and solid user reviews is one of the best options. 

Check the price here.

Wohoo! You did it! You made it to the end of my list. 

best portable camping kitchens

Tips for Choosing Your Portable Camp Kitchen

Still not sure about which to get? Here are a few points that’ll help you decide.

How much space do you really need?

Do you really need tons of counter space? Maybe you do if you’re going to be overlanding or boondocking in off-grid campsites. 

But most campgrounds have campsites with picnic tables which you can use for food prep. Or if you’re in an RV, your portable camp kitchen basically just gives you a convenient place to cook outside.

What are you planning to cook?

If you like to keep things simple, then you can get away with a lot less counter space and a smaller camp stove. Check out these articles for some camping recipes that are easy to make with limited space. 

But if you like to cook big meals at the campsite, then you’ll need more room. Make sure you have a sturdy tabletop with plenty of space for chopping, dicing, seasoning, and other normal meal preparations. 

Plus, you’ll need a space for your camp stove (check the size to make sure it’ll fit!) And a few extra shelves for condiments, utensils, and dishes will make your life a lot easier. 

Do you need a sink?

It’s nice to have a washbasin built into your portable camp kitchen, but it’s definitely not a necessity. Most aren’t much more than a simple plastic basin (which is something you can easily buy later if needed).

Heat-resistant top

Most camp stoves won’t direct any heat downwards so they shouldn’t damage most tabletops. However, anytime there are flames around it can’t hurt to have heat-resistant materials.


Where will you be carrying your portable kitchen? In the tiny trunk of your sedan or in an RV basement? If you’re already strapped for space, then be sure to check the folded dimensions in the kitchen’s description.


Standard kitchen countertops are 36 inches high. So a camp kitchen that’s closer to 36 inches high will be more comfortable to cook at. If it’s less than 30 inches high then it might be a little uncomfortable to cook at for long periods if you’re 5’ 8” or taller. 


Wanna cook some late-night dinners? Or brew early morning coffee? Then it’s nice to have a lantern pole. Just keep in mind that the lantern poles on most lightweight folding kitchens probably aren’t going to be able to handle heavy propane lanterns. A lightweight hanging LED light is a better option. 

It’s Chow Time!

So which portable camp kitchen are ya gonna go with? 

The feature-filled GCI Outdoor Master Cook? Or maybe the portable and practical iKamper Aioks? 

Whether you go with one of these camp kitchens or just stick with a good old picnic table, just be sure to get out there and have fun as a family in the outdoors!

And don’t miss these other camping articles that’ll help you have a blast on your outdoor adventures!

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