3 Key Steps to Bake in An RV Oven (Without Burning the Bottoms!)

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

Many people are afraid to use their RV ovens – they don’t cook evenly,  they are hard to light, or they just don’t seem to be the same  temperature as what’s show on the dial!

I’m going to tell you some quick tips that’ll take you to perfect cookies and pies in no time! Let’s go over how to get your RV oven to bake more evenly!

Put some tinfoil over it so that if anything drips while it’s cooking, it does not get baked onto the stone.

Tinfoil for mess free use

Always make sure that the stone is in the oven the whole time it is pre-heating – putting a cold stone in a hot oven could cause it to crack.

Pre-heat the stone

Some people put oils and such to season it, however this might cause an increased chance of smoking and staining!

You don’t need to “season” your stone

If you do intend to bake on it as well, make sure to sprinkle flour or cornmeal on it so that your pizza doesn’t get stuck!

Flour it

Just use the included scraper to get off what you can – this is why it’s best to use some tinfoil to catch any drips!

Do not use soap to wash it

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