Free Printable Camping Bingo Cards

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

What better way to celebrate the nearness of spring (and camping!) than with some fun camping bingo cards!

I made these cute camping bingo printable PDFs because I wanted just  that – another busy activity to give my toddler while I have things to  do!

If you’re just playing with your child, you can either cut up a bingo card to use as the calling card, or just cross them off as you say them on your own Bingo card.

BINGO for one

Cut up one card and put the pieces in a pile and ask your child to glue each picture to it’s match on their Bingo card.

Matching Camp Pictures

I tried to pick things that your kid would actually see should you bring these bingo cards camping! I would  suggest laminating the bingo card.

Scavenger Hunt at Camp

Cut out the Bingo camping pictures and classify them by things like “what to pack” “what to see at camp” “what’s in nature” etc.

Classify and Organize the Camping Bingo Pictures

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