Tricks to Keep Mice Out of Your Camper



Keeping mice out goes beyond the classic "Bar of Irish Spring". In fact, some mice seem to eat the stuff! I'll tell you some tips to try when NOTHING else is working.

Put it all In Bins!

It's better just to remove ALL the food if you can... However, if you do want to keep some food staples in your RV, everything should be in bins to prevent mice from chewing through it

Plug In a Sonic Repellant!

This is one of the easiest, best solutions if you will have access to power. Pests of ALL kinds will be kept out of your camper with this!

Try "Fresh Cab" and other Scent Based Solutions

A premade solution such as this or Grandpa Gus can work when spread through out your camper.

Try Pee around your Perimeters!

Mice will absolutely avoid anything that smells like a predator.. so a little fox pee around the camper is effective

Install Physical Barriers at Known Entry Points

Copper Mesh doesn't rust and is perfect for stuffing around any entry/exit points... mice HATE chewing on it!

AVOID POISON at all costs!

Not only will the mice die somewhere random and rot (and smell), but if predators eat them, they can actually die from the rodent poison too!

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