27 RV Office Ideas to Transform Your Space

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More people than ever are hitting the road with their business and finding the need to create an RV office to work from.

While there are a variety of camper floorplans, there are some office musts (such as a desk and chair) that are compact and work almost anywhere. Check out some of these office ideas and start planning your own “Office on Wheels!”

This is the most common solution – dinettes are usually pretty easy to remove and are the perfect size for a small office. If you are able to custom build anything, you’ll be able to utilize the space even better.

Tear out the dinette and replace it with an office setup

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If you prefer some space, then you might love the idea of getting a camper that has a separate bunkhouse area. They also have a ton of space, a door, and a bit of natural light!

Bunkhouses converted to home RV offices

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Many RV manufacturers have noticed the ever increasing amount of campers working on the road, and it seems they’ve responded! I didn’t even know this was a thing until I started researching options myself, but this could save a lot of time.

Built In Desk Options (No Modifying… it’s ready to use!)

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These layouts are the best idea for families who plan on homeschooling or couples who work from the road. They have plenty of space, light, and since they’re completely open.

Converted toy hauler/garage to RV home office!

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If both partners work, or you have multiple kids who need internet access for schoolwork, these home office camper ideas have enough space for 2+ monitors!

Couples / Double Monitor Office Setups in Campers

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