13 Best Offroad Travel Trailers and Campers with Bathrooms in 2024

Updated January 11th, 2024

Sometimes you just need to get away, right? And what better way than with the 13 best travel trailers that have it all – equal comfort and ruggedness!  While there are many small travel trailers that come to mind, did you know there are actually base models that are big too? Big families need not be left out!

So let’s have a look at some of the best off-road camper trailers and RVs as well as some of the best options to look for when purchasing one. The common, most known models will be covered as well as some luxury, Earth Roamer types ones too… for fun (they are for off roading and have a bathroom, right?)

After reading this list, it does some Australia knows a thing or two about off roading in campers! Don’t worry though – they often build most of it there and send it here to America for final assembly.

9 Best Travel Trailers With a Toilet and Shower

Let’s start with some normal, pull-behind off-road trailers with a bathroom. I have included some stats for the standard model of each options, as well as helpful features to know such as convertible dinettes, solar panels, bunks, and more.

Here are some travel trailer specific terms to know:

  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) – This is the max possible weight of your camper with EVERYTHING (including people and water!) It’s nice if your vehicle can pull this and beyond as sometimes you do end up traveling with water.
  • Dry Weight / Tare Weight – Also known as Unloaded Vehicle Rate (UVW). Just as it sounds – the weight of an unloaded travel trailer or RV that only includes standard features.
  • HW (Hitch Weight) – The amount of weight on the hitch of the trailer – this is important to know when checking that your vehicle and hitch are actually rated to pull the camper you’re looking at.
  • Wet Bath – A wet bath is a combination shower and toilet (and sometimes a sink) all in one washroom area.
  • Dry Bath – The toilet and sink stay dry in this design, just like at home.
  • No Toilet/Cassette Toilet – Uncommon in everything but the most rugged of campers. You’ll be needing to utilize a portable camping toilet of some type. Some do have built in spots atleast.

Opus 15 Off-Road Hybrid

Opus 15 Off-Road Hybrid
Source: OpusCampers.us

The Opus 15: Small camper that’s rugged, spacious and intelligent design featuring a low profile and a pop up for extra head room

Opus 15 Features:

  • Overall Length: 15.0 ft.
  • Dry Weight: 5,159 lbs.
  • GVWR: 6,393 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Cap.: 63 gal.
  • Gray Water Cap.: 17 gal.
  • Black Water Cap.: 10 gal.
  • Toilet – Wet bath

The Opus 15 is an almost perfect mix of rugged durability and comfortable luxury. 

It shares a similar style to several of the other off-road trailers on this list. It’s got a low-profile body for easier towing and a pop-up top for additional headroom. Plus, there’s an extendable rear section that adds even more space to the interior. 

The Opus 15 has a really intelligent design that maximizes the use of space and gives the interior a much bigger living area than what you’re used to seeing in trailers this size. 

A lot of that has to do with the fact that there is no kitchen area inside the trailer. Opus decided to create an outdoor kitchen area (with the help of some super cool slideouts) so that the interior living space could be maximized while having space for the bathroom, shower, toilet, and sink.

With a king, two bunk beds and a bathroom, the Opus 15 is the best option for a family on this list!

And with two fresh water tanks with a combined 63-gallon capacity, a 17-gallon grey water tank, and a 10-gallon black water tank, you’re ready for several days off-grid.

Watch the Opus 15 video tour.

Airstream Bambi

standard model airstream bambi
via airstream.com

The Airstream Bambi: Airstream’s small travel trailer that has it all – convertible dinette, kitchen and restroom in a small package (hence the “Bambi” name!)

Airstream Bambi Features:

  • Overall Length: 15 – 22 ft.
  • Dry Weight: 3,050 lbs.
  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Cap.: 23 gal.
  • Gray Water Cap.: Combined with black water
  • Black Water Cap.: 30 (combined with gray water)
  • Toilet – Wet bath

If you like the small size of the Opus 15, but don’t care about the potential off-roading/boondocking features, then you’ll love the Bambi (also 15 ft!)! With a modern interior and four different floor plans to fit your camping lifestyle, this is a good pick.

The fresh water tank is significantly smaller than what you’ll see in off roading designs (if you have hook ups, you don’t *need* a giant fresh water tank to store water!), but that’s ok if you plan on staying at places with hookups.

On the plus side, with smaller tanks, it’s way lighter and able to be towed by SUVs!

For a full bathroom though, you will need to go to the 22FB… the 16 ft version has a wet bath. You do still get a whole interior kitchen, dinette, and dedicated bed though!

Watch the Black Series Classic12 video walkthrough.

InTech Terra Magnolia

via intech.com

The Intech Terra Magnolia: Sturdy but lightweight, with *tons* of extra features and a futuristic aesthetic!

In Tech Terra Magnolia Features:

  • Overall Length: 22 ft.
  • Dry Weight: ~5,000 lbs.
  • GVWR: 7,500 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Cap.: 44 gal.
  • Gray Water Cap.: 30 gal
  • Black Water Cap.: 26 gal
  • Toilet – Wet bath

If you love lots of natural light and a luxurious interior that has the capability to also hold it’s own boondocking… then you’ll love this! The beautiful panaramic windows and well placed lighting really make it feel like a classy hotel!

Besides the looks though, it’s construction is also stellar! The cage frame is made from aluminum tubing and fully welded – that means it’s going to be light and strong! The base model offers plenty to be excited about, however there are tons of add on options.

This particular design includes options for a slide out rear kitchen and an off grid package (solar, extra batteries etc) which is so helpful if you plan to save money camping by boondocking and such. The double axle makes it especially durable!

The shower/toilet is a wet bath in this layout!

Watch the InTech Terra Magnolia Video Tour.

Bruder EXP-6

Bruder EXP-6
Source: BruderX

The Bruder EXP-6: An off-roading beast with space and comfort

Bruder EXP- 6 Features

  • Overall Length: 16 ft.
  • Dry Weight: 5,070 lbs.
  • GVWR: 11,464 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Cap.: 52 gal.
  • Gray Water Cap.: 11.8 gal
  • Black Water Cap.:
  • Toilet – Wetbath

The Bruder EXP-6 might look mean on the outside, but inside it’s all soft, gushy, and comfy 😜. It’s got some really cool features that make it stand out from other off-road trailers with bathrooms on this list. 

The unique suspension and chassis combination allows for 3X more wheel travel than most other dual-axle trailers. This helps the EXP-6 be easier to tow and perform really well on rough trails with a lot of articulation.  As expected for something of this quality, the price tag does match! =P

With its wet bath inside and sleeping space for up to six, the EXP-6 is a nice choice for families.

Watch the Bruder EXP-6 official video tour.

BRS Pursuit

BRS Offroad Pursuit
Source: BRS Pursuit

The BRS Pursuit: A well planned, extremely compact but comfortable rig with a full queen bed and comfort.

BRS Pursuit Features

  • Overall Length: 13 ft.
  • Dry Weight: ~ 3,600 lbs.
  • GVWR: 5,700 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Cap.: 37 + 70 gal (separate)
  • Gray Water Cap.: 95 gal
  • Black Water Cap.: none
  • Toilet – Portable

Fully enclosed hot shower. Plush queen mattress for tons of sleeping room. 80L fridge/freezer. Ducted AC and heating. Four-burner cooktop, sink, and microwave inside in addition to a slide-out galley outside! Sounds more like what you’d find on a big 20ft+ camper, but no…the little BRS Pursuit packs all those features and more. 

A really unique feature on the Pursuit is the slide-out hot water shower. It’s got a hard floor that drains right into the grey water tank. And it’s fully enclosed on all sides. ‘

To save space, the BRS does utilize a portable toilet.. but hey, no black water tanks to deal with, right?!

Watch the BRS Offroad Pursuit video walkthrough.

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Conqueror UEV-25

Conqueror UEV-25
Source: Conqueror4x4

The Conqueror UEV-25: Advanced quick set up designs (awning, bed, legs) with amenities of home.

The Conqueror UEV-25 Features:

  • Overall Length: 25 ft.
  • Dry Weight: ~ 4,122 lbs.
  • GVWR: 4,850 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Cap.: 76 gal
  • Gray Water Cap.:
  • Black Water Cap.:
  • Toilet – Cassette

The UEV-25 shares a similar style to the smaller Opus 15 with a low-profile cabin and pop-up top. But instead of having a rear slideout, the Conqueror UEV-25 has a unique side bed slideout. That gives the UEV-25 enough interior room to have two double beds, one of which can also be converted into a dinette. 

And for all of us who don’t like wet baths, the UEV-25 actually squeezes a surprisingly spacious dry bath inside. There’s a small stainless sink along with some usable counter space. Plus, there’s a spacious shower with a bench.

Watch a Conqueror UEV-25 video.

Airstream Basecamp X

Airstream Basecamp X
Source: Airstream

The Airstream Basecamp X Bathroom: Wet bath with toilet, shower, and a tiny sink. 

Airstream Basecamp X Features

  • Overall Length: 16 ft or 20 ft
  • Dry Weight: ~ 2,700 lbs.
  • GVWR: 3,500 / 4,300 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Cap.: 21 gal
  • Gray Water Cap.: combined 24 gal
  • Black Water Cap.: combined 24 gal
  • Toilet – Wet bath

While the Basecamp X obviously isn’t a hard-core off-road trailer and won’t go everywhere the Bruder EXP-6 will, it’s still a nice choice for exploring some rough backroads. 

The X on the Basecamp model name means it gets a 3” lift kit, all-terrain tires, a front stone guard, and extra window protection. 

But just like the regular Basecamp, its intelligent design is perfect for the active couple who want to explore. There’s a wetbath, a rear hatch for loading outdoor gear like bikes and skis, and a huge panorama window for soaking in the views at your favorite spot.

Watch the Airstream Basecamp 16X video tour.

Taxa Mantis

Taxa Mantis
Source: Taxa

The Taxa Mantis Bathroom: An easy to tow, low profile travel trailer that’s a great option for off roading capability with a reasonable price.

Taxa Mantis Features

  • Overall Length: 19 ft
  • Dry Weight: 3,486 lbs.
  • GVWR: 5,000 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Cap.: 20 gal
  • Gray Water Cap.: 22
  • Black Water Cap.:
  • Toilet – Cassette

The Taxa definitely broke the mold when it comes to off-road trailers. The Mantis features a really low-profile design with a large pop-up roof for standing headroom. 

Everything on the trailer is well-thought-out, simple, and practical. That goes for the wetbath as well. It’s a simple cassette toilet/shower combo with a fabric curtain for privacy.  Just like a lot of other features on the Mantis, it’s not big, it’s not luxurious, but it just works.

Watch the official Taxa Mantis video walkaround tour.

Winnebago HIKE 100

Winnebago HIKE
Source: Winnebago

The Winnebago HIKE 100: Super lightweight travel trailer that doesn’t skimp on storage – an exterior skeleton and base model solar feature let you go anywhere.

Winnebago HIKE Features

  • Overall Length: 19 ft
  • Dry Weight: 3,178lbs.
  • GVWR: 4,200 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Cap.: 31 gal
  • Gray Water Cap.: 25
  • Black Water Cap.:
  • Toilet – Cassette

Just like the Airstream Basecamp X, the Winnebago HIKE isn’t a hard-core off-roader. It’s more of a soft-roader that’s ready for dirt roads with a few extra potholes. 

It’s got offroad tires and fenders as well as a cool exoskeleton that makes it really easy to strap extra gear to the outside. 

Plus, the smallest floor plan that comes in at just over 20 feet in length packs one of the largest bathrooms among the off-road camper trailers on this list. 

Winnebago HIKE floorplan
Source: Winnebago

So if you don’t think you’ll be tackling any technical 4×4 trails and wouldn’t mind the extra space when taking care of business, you might like the HIKE.

Watch the 2021 Winnebago Hike 170S video tour.

4 Other Off-Road Campers and RVs With Bathrooms

Here are some other off-road truck campers, RVs, and motorhomes with bathrooms.

Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel
Source: Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel Bathroom: A combination shower/toilet wetbath that can also double as a gear closet.

Custom-made van conversions are more popular than ever. But the Winnebago Revel is one of the few off-road vans with a bathroom that’s ready to go right off the lot. 

The Revel was definitely made for outdoor adventurers in mind. In addition to its 4×4 capabilities, the power lift bed raises to give you additional gear storage space for your outdoor toys. Plus, the dual 125-amp hour batteries mean you can stay off-grid longer.

Even the bathroom is multipurpose. Sure, it’s a place where you can take care of business. But with a clothing rod and removable shelves it doubles as extra gear storage.

Watch the official Winnebago 2021 Revel video tour.

nuCamp Cirrus 820

nuCamp Cirrus 820
Source: nuCamp

The nuCamp Cirrus 820: A wetbath with a toilet, sink, and a fold-down sink for extra room when showering.

If you’ve already got a pickup truck, just throw a truck camper like the Cirrus on the back and now you’ve got an off-road camper. Granted, with the extra weight and height of the truck camper, you won’t be able to handle a lot of technical off-road mountain trails, but you can go farther off-road than you could with a normal pull-behind camper.

The Cirrus 820 has a dry weight of just under 3,000 pounds and is made to work with ¾ ton trucks or 1-ton short bed trucks. 

The Cirrus makes good use of space in the wet bath. It’s got a large sink (so you don’t feel like you’re washing your face in a dollhouse sink 😆). Then, the sink folds down so you have extra space when showering or taking care of other business.

Watch the nuCamp 2021 Cirrus 820 Truck Camper video tour.

Lance Campers 975 

Lance Campers 975 
Source: Lance Campers

The Lance Campers 975 Bathroom: An actual dry bath on a truck camper! YES!

Head off-road in this truck camper with a bathroom and you won’t have to sacrifice your comforts. 

It’s got a large slide-out on one side with a spacious dinette. And a HUGE plus is the dry bath. Yup, you read that right…an actual dry bath with a sink, toilet, and mini tub. In a truck camper!  It kinda makes ya think why every small off-road camper can’t have a nice dry bath like this one, right!?

Watch the Lancer 975 official walkthrough video.

Lance Campers 975 floorplan
Source: Lance Campers


Source: Earthroamer

The Earthroamer Bathroom: A well-designed wetbath on the LTI models or a variety of luxurious dry bath arrangements on the HD models.

If you’ve got a couple of hundred thousand dollars you’re not planning on using any time soon, why not get an Earthroamer? 😆😎 They’re pretty much some of the most luxurious and capable off-road campers with bathrooms you can find. 

Go with the HD model and get probably the most luxurious bathroom options available on any off-road camper. Base models start at $1,900,000 so…you better start saving. 💰

Earthroamer interior

Check out the Earthroamer LTi interior tour or the 2021 Earthroamer HD video tour.

You did it! You made it to the end of the list!

Off Road Campers With Bathrooms FAQs

Where can I dump the waste from my off-road camper?

A lot will depend on the type of waste tanks. If it’s like a normal RV, then you’ll need to pull up to a dump station, get out your sewer hose, and dump your waste. Other off-road campers might have a removable waste tank that you can dump in a normal toilet, a pit toilet, or an RV dump station. 

*Don’t dump waste chemicals out in the wild. If you plan on doing that, go with a portable composting toilet.

What is the smallest off-road camper with a bathroom?

The BRS Offroad Pursuit is the smallest one with a shower, but it doesn’t have a dedicated toilet. You have to use a portable camping toilet. The Black Series Classic12 is the smallest off road trailer on this list with an interior wetbath with a toilet and shower.

What is the most rugged travel trailer?

You can’t go wrong with any of the Black Series or Opus off road campers since they’re all designed for extreme off-roading. 

Get Your Off-Road Trailer With a Bathroom and Explore the Outdoors in Style!

So which is the off-road camper trailer for you? The rugged and capable EXP-6 or the big and luxurious HQ21? 

Whichever you choose, you’ll love having the extra comfort of an indoor shower and toilet. After a day hiking or driving on rough trails, you just can’t beat coming back to camp and getting a nice hot shower. 

And don’t forget to check out my other RV and camping articles before you head off-grid next time!

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  1. Anyone looking for a truly off-road capable trailer that is sized more appropriately for rugged trails, but still has inside bath and sitting space should consider the Boreas EOS-12 as well. American made as opposed to some of the Chinese imports listed here, and more rugged, less RV-like than the large campers in this list.


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