21 Products that Make Breastfeeding WAY Easier (Best of 2019!)

If you are a new mom, you may be on the lookout for all the breastfeeding tips, hacks and help you can find! Check out how to solve every common breastfeeding problem, including pumping at work, low supply, and sore nipples and breasts from breastfeeding!

If you’re a first time mom, these breastfeeding tips are just what you need for an amazing nursing journey! I think we can all agree that breastfeeding, even though it’s “natural” can be REALLY hard! You have your baby, someone will likely help your baby latch, then you’re sent on your way a day or two later! Now you have to attempt to provide all the food this little baby needs to grow… it can be intimidating! Don’t worry though! I have nursed 3 babies, two of them being twins, … Read more