17 Pieces of First Time Mom Advice that We All Wish Someone Would Have Told Us!

check out all the first time mom advice you wish you had known before actually becoming a mom!

We always think we have read every book, attended all the right classes, and that there could not possibly be anymore first time mom advice we need… but SURPRISE! There’s a ton of not so glamorous (but so worth it) stuff that happens after birth! I mean, you probably have hard a little of what to expect before and during labor (those pregnancy books and OB appointments are pretty good for that!). But… what happens after your baby is on your chest? What happens once you get home, and all … Read more

19 Newborn Tips and Hacks that You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner!

If you're pregnant or have a newborn, check out the best advice for moms with these 19 best hacks and tips for your baby! Three kids in, I've figured some stuff out.. and I really wish someone would have told me before I had my first!

These 19+ newborn baby tips will save you some serious stress and time! Living in the north means that when the season changes, so do ALL the clothes and gear – and I’m finding alot of newborn stuff that somehow missed last years season change purge! We have alot of change going on around here – the girls have finally moved out of our room, each kid now has their own “gear rack”, we’re building a new climbing wall, and so much more… We were so busy this summer that … Read more