Construction Zone Moon Sand DIY Recipe!

This fun moon sand recipe idea has added sensory benefits by adding in some play sand! Kids will love the added fun the texture adds to this moon sand!

Alright, so I SWORE I would never allow this stuff to enter my house… but when we acquired a box of it this summer, I knew there was going to be more moon sand in my future – My kid LOVED IT! So I went and found some recipes, but when I made them they seemed sort of… boring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool texture, but I wanted to make it even cooler! PLUS my son loves trucks, so I wanted a way to combine the two.. In … Read more

Rock Rescue Nature Sensory Bin

A fun and easy sensory bin using natural items thats fun for kids of all ages, especially preschoolers and older toddlers! This uses rocks, sand, as well as fine motor skills to retrieve and clean the rocks!

With winter here, and normal outdoor treasures hidden, my guy is seriously having withdrawls! I actually came up with this one by accident – I was working on making a cute glowing campfire craft for our upcoming “camp day” inside, and got down our cup of “special rocks”. We pick up cool looking rocks here and there (spotted ones, funny shapes ones) and since I was making a campfire, I thought a cute rock ring would be perfect! Anyways, I left those rocks out and my preschooler saw them and … Read more

The FUNNEST Preschool Name Activity – Sandbox Name Treasure Dig!

Is your toddler about to enter pre-school, and you want to start working on practicing his name… but NO activity seems to hold his attention? I have an EASY, DIY game that your pre-schooler will love! It’s a known fact that kids learn through play and fun! How many useless songs do you remember from 10 years ago (I know way too much Backstreet Boys!) but you can’t remember important things like historical facts or directions? It’s because the singing was fun, and reading from books wasn’t (as much)! With that in … Read more