Fun and Easy “The Very Busy Spider” Lacing Activity for Kids!

This spiderweb lacing activity is a perfect companion to this Eric Carle favorite! This Halloween spider craft goes perfectly with the Eric Carle book “The Very Busy Spider” and is an excellent fine motor practice! With Halloween getting close, I’ve kind of been aiming my little guy towards “Halloween” themed books. We have a book box, and I try to rotate the bottom to the top etc.. but I especially make sure seasonal ones are at the top. He’s always loved “The Very Busy Spider” because it has tons of … Read more

Sensory Soup – A Fun Kid’s Nature Activity

fun thing to do with toddlers while camping

Next time you’re camping with your little kids, keep them busy with this fun camping activity! If you’re like me and enjoy camping with your little kids (or maybe you’re afraid of it!) then you know they sometimes get bored… and with boredom, comes whining. But I’ve found a GREAT way to keep toddlers busy around camp is to task them with something – in this case, a camp sensory soup for their favorite animal! Our toddler just turned 3, and he lives for campfires and throwing stuff in the … Read more