How to Wean Toddlers From Breastfeeding (When they are STUBBORN!)

Weaning a toddler is intimidating, but taking it one step at a time makes it a little easier! So if you’re here, you’re likely a mama who totally believes (believed?) in the whole “let them choose when to wean!” BUT life happened and now you need to get your stubborn, boobie loving toddler weaned! Let me give you a little backstory here so you know that I may have been in the same struggle as you. I exclusively breastfed my son from the day he was born – he took … Read more

Alternating Breastmilk and Formula + Breastfeeding and Formula Schedule at 9 Months!

Supplementing breastmilk with formula… it’s not as detrimental to your breastfeeding journey as you might imagine! It’s a stress that all breastfeeding and pumping mamas know – you look at how much you’ve pumped, freak out that it won’t be enough, then make even less milk because you’re stressing about it. Talk about a vicious cycle! Yes yes… breast is best and all that, but at some point if trying to provide milk for your baby is causing you so much stress that it’s impacting your relationship with your baby, … Read more