11 Most Awesome Pieces of Baby Camping Gear

how to keep babies safe while camping and entertained

Taking a baby camping can be a great experience with some essential, must have camping gear! I have three kids under three, and all of them have been camping before they were 2 months old. In fact, my preemie twins went camping when they were on supplemental oxygen! We car camped with our one year old, and now are using a camper to camp with our 7 month olds! Taking an infant camping is a great way to focus on what’s important; each other! To have a great experience, it’s all … Read more

13 Creative RV Nursery Ideas + RV Camp Sleep with Baby Tips!

One of my biggest concerns once we started RV camping with our twins was definitely in regards to figuring what the best camping gear was to get them to sleep at night; how in the world would it work in such a small place? I didn’t have room to set up a pack n play, much less one for each baby. We also had a toddler to consider and wanted him to have room to run around and get to the restroom after they went to bed. While there are … Read more