Unique Snowman Craft for Kids – Sensory Styrofoam Snowman (They’ll LOVE it!)

Who’s kids LOVE to destroy styrofoam? Mine does! And it reminded me of a post I saw on one of my mom sites that said her daughter kept on ripping stuffed animals up so that she could get to the stuffing and tear it. Alot of moms said that she probably wasn’t being intentionally destructive, but perhaps just needed that sensory stimulation she got by turning something big into little pieces. So, with the absolute joy my kid got from his 2 seconds of styrofoam destruction as well as that … Read more

Easy and Pretty DIY Valentine’s Burlap Door Banner

This easy homemade valentine home decor uses all items bought from the dollar store, and can be a fun craft for kids or even adults!

So alot of times my crafts tend to be geared towards the younger crowd, but while I was working on my valentine crafts for him this year I realized.. hey, I (as well as other adults and seniors!) enjoy this too! However, I don’t go to school or really give valentine’s gifts to my friends or have tons of reasons to craft on valentines… but I DO have a door to decorate! I love really simple, sort of rustic decorations, and have yard upon yards of burlap (it’s REALLY cheap, … Read more

10 Easy Outdoor Crafts to Keep Your Toddler Busy!

Fun crafts with toddlers outside

Let the kids create outdoor crafts and explore while you enjoy the outdoors! I don’t know about you, but I have a TON of clean up to do with spring finally here! That means it’s a little harder to be fully engaged with my toddler while I’m trying to weed, get grass out of gardens, resow grass, plant new seeds… if you’re a gardener, you know the feeling! I also am really trying to soak up the sun! I love getting a magazine and reading it with some coffee on … Read more