Fun New Years Eve Family Activity Printables + 9 Fun Ways to Celebrate!

Whether you are hosting a New Years Eve party this year or staying home away from the crowds, this fun holiday can be a lot of fun for the entire family (especially with this printable New Years Eve Activity pack!) This is also a great way to make New Year’s Eve feel special without having to stay up and actually watch the ball drop (but if that’s important… find the one from last year on Youtube! =P) Anyways, let’s get right into a couple of fun New Years Family activity … Read more

9 Festive New Years Color By Numbers for Kids (Free Printables!)

  So let’s start this new year off right… with some festive color by number New Years Eve printables!  I was inspired by the fabulous new years countdown in Times Square and wanted kids (and adults) in our house to join in on the celebration. It’s kind of fun imagining yourself being there watching that ball come down from way up high! Later we viewed the ball drop from Times Square on TV. We all had fun coloring these fun pictures in together through out the day! Practice number recognition with … Read more

10 Cute Christmas Color By Number Printables for Kids (Free Printables!)

free printable christmas color by numbersf or kids snowman

‘Tis the season for Santa, Christmas trees, snowmen…and some holiday prep stress. Yup–the holidays are great and all…but sometimes it can be hard to keep the magic alive for your little ones who are starting to notice that Christmas isn’t always about getting presents or staying up past bedtime to see if ol’ St. Nick is coming. However, these 10 Christmas color by number printables are the perfect addition to your holiday activities for kids –and they’re magic-free! They’re all super cute, super easy to do, and will make sure … Read more

Adorable Elf Themed Letter to Santa + Envelope Template (Free Printable PDF)

If you’re looking for a cute and easy Letter to Santa set, then you’ll love this super cute elf themed one! Kids love getting a chance to write what they want in a “direct line” to Santa via a letter… and I’ve made it even easier by including an already addressed envelope (should you choose to really send it!) Ideas for kids (and adults!) for filling in the letter to Santa Depending on who the letter is getting sent to, here are some Christmas gift ideas for Santa’s Letter How … Read more

9 Tips for an AMAZING Snowy Winter Vacation (and how to actually stay warm to enjoy it!)

bring your own coco or coffee

If you’re planning your big winter vacation, but you’ve never actually BEEN IN SNOW, it can be pretty darn hard to know what to expect to pack or bring! But don’t worry – after growing up in the desert (SoCal!) and now having experienced six Wyoming winters, I got all the details and tips you need! I hope that with this winter packing and vacation guide, you’ll not only be prepared for your winter getaway but gain a couple of insider tips too =). This post is sponsored by Stanley. … Read more

DIY Boot and Glove Dryer for 5 People! (cheap and easy!)

If you live somewhere snowy and have school aged kids, then you know the hassle of cycling soaked gloves and boots (positioning them for best air movement, remembering to swap them etc) on the dryer – that’s why we made this DIY one that can handle ALL of our gear (5 people!). My kids are all finally in school, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve really been on the struggle bus (well.. before the dryer!) in regards to trying to get everything dry. Since buying one was WAY … Read more

Ice Rescue Fine Motor Activity for Kids (with real ice!)

ice in a pan game for kids

If you’ve ever wondered how you can get some peace for yourself while also doing something fun for the kids, your answer is here…. the ice rescue! My “rock rescue” article was crazy popular, so I wanted to make a winter themed option that was also good for fine motor skills… and that would keep them occupied for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, of course. Now, I know you’ve probably seen those frozen dinosaur eggs that most people do during summer. Those are pretty fun, and my kids do enjoy them, … Read more

Snow Measuring Craft + Activity for Kids [Free Printable Snow Tracking Chart]

diy kids winter activity snowstick and snow chart

If you live in the North, then you probably get a bit of snow (too much??) – why not take advantage of the opportunity to learn some charing skills than with this cute snow measuring printable and winter craft idea for kids! If you have a skiier in your life, they probably are checking how many inches each storm dropped every morning and evening! Even I get excited to see how much we got! I wanted to make it just as fun for the kids, so I made them their … Read more

7 Fun Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printables (Outdoors, Indoors and Clues!)

winter nature hike kids printable scavenger hunt

If you are looking to make this Christmas even more special then check out these fun Christmas scavenger hunt printables! I have tried to make one for every situation – at home, around the neighborhood, outside and things to do! And because I know the clue type of Christmas scavenger hunt is pretty darn popular for the older kids, I made some of those too! If Christmas seems a little too crazy and chaotic, try giving some of these guys out to the kids. It’ll keep them occupied and hopefully … Read more

The 19 Best Snow Toys for Kids of 2022 (+Free Printable Snowy Day Scavenger Hunt!)

These kids snow toys will make enjoying winter WAY easier – and inspire creativity while burning off some of that cabin fever energy! Winter is coming – and for parents of little ones, that can sometimes mean cabin fever. BUT with the right snow toys for your kids, it can be pretty fun! I’m sad to say that last year I did not get out in the snow near as much as I wanted to. It’s true, life was crazy with my twins who were still super babies, but I … Read more